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In NITE Team 4 you're a hacker ~ how cool is that?!? The game from Alice & Smith combined elements from adventure simulation and strategy games. In over 70 missions and operations you can gain insight in the universe of hacking and cyber warfare.
It's really similear to the game "Hacknet" or "Uplink"

What I like about NITE it's really intuitive and the Stinger OS feels like a real OS with Tools that resembles Tools in real life(wireshark, the Kali OS, or the CVE Database) and the Training Boot Camp(Tutorial) helps here a lot for aspiring hackers and to gain experience with the Stinger OS and inbuild tools!

NITE Team 4 provides you with 4 Epic Campaign which you can experience the life of a cyber warfare agent.

It's not enough? Okay! The Devs provides you with hourly, dailys and weekly drops and let you get various jobs from agencies around the world!

  • Stinger OS resembles a real OS like Kali (close to reality)
  • Stinger OS is skinable with drops and rewards
  • Training Boot Camp helps a lot! Really a good Tutorial!
  • Cool Soundtrack!
  • Graphics and Textures are really well animated!
  • Voice Acted in Briefings
  • Motivion through rewards and gaining reputations(Level System in the community, skins, avatars, badges)
  • Easter Eggs and Hommage four various other games like the Resident Evil franchise(Leon Candy -> Leon Kennedy, Chros Greenfield -> Chris Redfield, etc) - I had to laugh so much
  • Twitch Drops for Streamers and their community!

  • Can be a little frustrated
  • Need a 3rd party account (for their Level and reputations system - is that a contra point?)

I really really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally recommend that game!
And for me is that a really cool experience to play that game and I have the chance to speak and interact with Anashel the Puppet Master + Owner @ Alice & Smith on my live twich stream!

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So wird jeder Tag zu Ewigkeit.
Ich lausche aus den Winkeln und Ecken,
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Ich weiß doch, dass jemand fest zu mir steht~
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Du bisch halt ne Granade.. Aber ne rischtiche... Net appelmäßig oder so... Sondern rischtisch wummsch da hinta... So rischtich... Na weischt schon... BUTZ!!! JUNGÄÄÄ... mässchig.
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