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"The industry does not come first; consumers do. I have no sympathy for an industry that cannot properly stumble its way around a viable secondhand market like every other mature industry in the world. Sometimes your old product just isn't good enough, and the way you solve it is by making a better product, not by forcing consumers to adapt to your archaic and myopic business model with your dying breath. If this industry can't find a way to make money off the primary market -- even with DLC and exclusive pre-order content and HD re-releases and map packs and online passes and annualized sequels and "expanding the audience" and AAA advertising and forced multiplayer -- then, if I may be so blunt, fuck it. It doesn't deserve our money in the first place. If an entire industry has its head so far up its ass, is so focused on short-term gains, and has embraced such a catastrophically stupid blockbuster business model in the pursuit of a stagnant market of hardcore 18-34 dudebros that it thinks it has no choice but to take away our first-sale rights as its last chance of maybe, finally, creating a sustainable stream of profits, then it can go to hell. It doesn't need your protection, it needs to be taken out back and beaten until it remembers who its real masters are.

I especially have a hard time having any sympathy because so many of the industry's problems are of its own making. They chose to focus on shaderific HD graphics over long-lasting appeal and gameplay; they chose to focus on linear scripted cinematic B-movie imitations that were only good for one playthrough instead of replayability and open-ended design; they chose to pour so much money and marketing into military porn and fetishized violent shootbang Press A to Awesome titles, exactly the kinds of games that hardcore gamers, the most likely gamers to trade in games quickly were prone to buying and reselling; and perhaps most galling, they chose to give Gamestop loads of exclusive pre-order bonuses while they knew exactly what Gamestop would say to those customers once in the store. They kept making insanely lavish and nonsensical displays of spectacular whizz-bang, despite that being exactly the kind of game most susceptible to trading after one week because there was nothing left to do with it. And now they're discovering that putting so many insanely expensive eggs into one fragile and easily breakable basket is maybe not the most sustainable business model ever.

So forgive me if I find myself not caring one bit when the industry complains that it's just so hard to sell six million copies of Gears of Duty: Medal - Battle of Uncharted Angry Dudes VII in the first week and that's why they need to take away used sales for the entire platform. No, the problem isn't at this end."
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When you pub stomp juuust right.
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Stuff about me
I am a Pokefur, with a massive interest in transformation. I love meeting new people and love playing games with others so please invite me if you want to play together on games like Teamfortress 2 or Minecraft. I do play other games but not nearly as often, but feel free to ask, just make sure I have the game if you do. It is worth noting that I do get a bit competative when playing video games, but that's not my normal state.

I used to RP a lot, but life has gotten in the way so I’ve put that all on hold. You’re welcome to try to re-introduce me to it but if I say no because I’m busy please accept that and understand that it’s nothing personal I just have a lot of stuff on my plate.

I will say that I don’t really like when people remove me without notice, I know I don’t always talk to everyone as often as I should but life takes precedent as much as I wish I could just chat whenever I wanted.

If that all doesn't scare you off feel free to add me c:

About Me:
Alias: Reshy
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Fursona/Pokesona: A feral Quadruped Reshiram.

Interests: Transformation/Shapeshifting, Pokemon, Furries, Dragons, Werewolves/Werebeasts, Gaming, Reading, Writing, Chatting, D&D 3.5.

Favorite Games: Team Fortress 2, Orcs Must Die, Starfarer, Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Dragon Age Origins, Bastion, Binding of Isaac, Cave Story+, Half-Life, Portal, Dungeons of Dredmor, Red Alert, Tiberium Dawn&Sun, Battlefront, Empire at War, Ratchet & Clank, Fallout.

Favorite Books/Series: Hemlock, Raised by Wolves, Dragon Champion, 13 To Life, Unleashed, Frostbite, Firelight, The Gathering, Strange Angels, Bloodborn, Wolfbreed, Wounded (Wereling), Magic Bites, Hero of the Imperium, Darlord of Derkholm, Dragonfriend, Age of Fire, The Red Knight, Requiem for Dragons.

Thank you Jfswift for Don't Starve
Thank you QueenSasha for Orcs Must Die 2!
Thank you Balor of Mordor for Humble THQ

Skype: ReshyShira
AIM: ReshyShira@gmail.com

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Captain "Salty" Chaos abusing his valve-employee privilages to kick me. Naughty.
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Reshy the Reshiram.
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My Nazi fetish makes my girlfriend uncomfortable. I NEED ADVICE. You appear to be experienced in these matters, so I'll give this a try. My girlfriend told me that she finds my Irma Grese/Ilse Koch-style Third Reich dominatrix costumes to be disturbing; she seems reluctant to participate in Lebensborn roleplaying and even Auschwitz guard/ female prisoner roleplaying. She also suggested gently that I take down the Hitler Youth propaganda posters that are currently hanging over my bed. Is Nazism a 'turnoff'? If so, why?
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I am Prophy :3 Am friendly neighbourhood deer.:blush:
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Added you from browsing my friends profiles!
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I'm okay