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:Abblack: I don't have any discussion accounts,
only this one my main - 76561198041566332
Custom URL - Requiemdotcom.
You can check it on SteamRep.
:Abblack: i would NEVER send a friend request to you with an alt account or storage account or discussion account or discord account.
:Abblack: My profile and inventory always public.
:Abblack: 58 Steam Level.
:Abblack: 10 years of service badge.
:Abblack: Steam member since 6 may 2011
:Abblack: Over 23.000 Trades Made
:Abblack: Over 3.000 Market Transactions
:Abblack: Team fortress 2 over 7.000 hours.
:Abblack: Destiny 2 over 2000 hours.
:Abblack: ETF2L Medals (check them only in my inventory)

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7,191 hrs on record
last played on Sep 28
3,137 hrs on record
last played on Sep 27
13.4 hrs on record
last played on Sep 7
Кундыри васоу Sep 24 @ 12:12pm 
Она Хеймдала встретила на час десять!!1!1!!1 6ЛЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯ
Кундыри васоу Sep 24 @ 12:04pm 
Час десять
Кундыри васоу Sep 22 @ 10:41am 
хп подушки тратится © реквием
Кундыри васоу Sep 14 @ 3:30am 
dude Sep 12 @ 9:00am 
САМ БАДИ СЭЙВ МИИИ :supersusguy:
Кундыри васоу Sep 12 @ 8:54am