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I would like to state that I'm not selling anything unless you see it on my bot or in my listings on backpack.tf. Please stop bugging me if I am selling something.

Fun Fact #1: I close random trades.
Fun Fact #2: I remove people who spam me with trade messages.
Fun Fact #3: I don't accept random game invites.
Fun Fact #4: I am not the TF2 wiki or Google. If you have a question that they can answer, ask them, not me.
Fun Fact #5: If you're a marked SteamRep scammer, I will remove you witout further warning.
Fun Fact #6: I will NOT join your raffle group.
Fun Fact #7: If you change your name constantly or I don't play with you for months, chances are high I don't remember you. Anyone who goes "Remember me?" will be met with sarcasm.
Fun Fact #8: I am not a charity. I will not give you something free because you ask. If you say "It's my birthday, can I have something?" All you are getting is a "Happy birthday."

Me: Why is there someone named HealthCare.Gov?
HealthCare.Gov : Because when I play as a medic I don't ever heal anyone
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Let me tell you my little story about MorphVox.

It all started on release day, I saw it and thought "Neat, I want that." I wishlist it and go about my day on TF2. I come across someone selling it for 4 keys because they decided against it after buying it. I thought it was a steal, so I got it. I hopped off so I could download it. A short time later, I boot it up, configure it, and play with it. I had so much fun with it. Even programmed in a Dalek voice. The voice and effects packs came out, I got them to continue the fun. So much so, I just kept it as my default mic so I wouldn't have to fiddle with configurations when I wanted to change my voice. But that's when everything changed.

Soon, they released some other DLC that was far too expensive for what it was. I thought that since it didn't add any new features that I would use, I wouldn't get it. Around that time, I started using Mumble. I kept getting "Your mic is cutting off at the end." Since it never did that before, I chalked it up to Mumble. I'd restart Mumble, and it'd be fine. Thought nothing of it. One day, while playing TF2 I hear the dreadded "Your mic is cutting out." Now, I was angry. This never use to happen. What had changed? I can tell you what. I had made MorphVox my default mic. It was creating a delay. So when I'd let go of my PTT button, my full sentence wouldn't get through. So I come to Steam to see if anyone else has this issue and if they figured out how to fix it. Click the forums button... No forums. Click the group button... no group. I go to their site. I had to dig for a good 10 minutes before I got an email address. I send an email. Once I got an email back, they suggested I check a few things in the settings. I set them like they suggest. At first, it seems all good. I get in a few days of TF2 before I'm told I'm cutting out again.

I rage quit right there. Tried another mic, still cutting. Different VOIP software. Cutting. They obviously had given up much hope for this program before they thought they could milk a few more dollars out with Steam. This program is an abandoned piece of garbage that doesn't work like it was promised. DO NOT BUY THIS! It will only make you want to pull your hair out.

EDIT: I have started using it for short bursts, no longer sessions. I'm going to see if it works fine with a much much better mic.

EDIT 2: After some usage in short bursts, it still delays eventually. It feels like there has been no progress made to fixing this issue.

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