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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 3:28pm

Don't Tell Anyone

Find a secret level
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 2:23pm

Amateur Photographer

Find 1 cardboard cutout
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 2:00pm

Award Hoard 10

Get any ten gold end-of-level awards
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 1:48pm

Pool Pro

Cannon shot pot
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 1:42pm

Satisfied the Chalkman

Get the tutorial out the way

It Was An Accident

Carpark gate pot

Don't Panic!

Get to level 10 of Panic Mode

Professional Photographer

Collect all carnival cut outs

Ski Sunday

Gold in skiing

Four Minute Mile

Win the race

Touch The Sky

Get to the credits

We All Scream

Got served

I've Got Layers

Russian doll inside all 3 layers

Pest Control

Kill all the seagulls without falling off

A Proclivity For Hat Thievery

Wear all the hats

Traffic Management

Cause yet another crash

B Virus Neutralised!

Stop the infection

Wait I Thought We Were Playing Pool?

Under par crazy golf

You DESECRATE the House Of Balls!

Break all the windows

The Most Ghosts

Ghosts all out without sending one away

Easy Rider

Finish on your own bike

High Noon

Complete with gun only

Pitch Black

Beat the level without wearing a candle hat

Chivalry Is Dead

Pot a ball during a joust

Someone's Got To Clean That Up

Knock over all the toilets

Soar Like An Eagle

Fly the hang glider

Riding the Rails

Unlock all the rails

Award Hoard 50

Get fifty gold end-of-level awards

Award Hoard 150

Get one hundred and fifty gold end-of-level awards

Award Hoard 360

Get three hundred and sixty gold end-of-level awards

Touch The Sky Below

Get to the hard credits

End of the road

Completed all the levels