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Posted: Jul 3 @ 10:40am

A polished semi-simple train & track puzzle-type game which is relatively relaxing and I recommend on deep sale to fans of puzzle & strategy games. Here is what you need to know:
+Decent simple music and graphics fit the look & relaxed vibe of the game.
?Its a micromanagement puzzle: You build tracks, control track switches, choose when a train leaves a station, and can stop or reverse a train. The latter may be limited with certain train types or levels, but that was never explained in-game.
?There are no notable differences between trains of different eras, nor can you choose between train types to deploy. You can only choose whether a train deploys early, which costs money because the sooner a train reaches its destination the more money you get. That means...
?The way you earn money incentivizes you to be careful by either playing slow at 1x speed or by pausing periodically when laying track or pulling switches to make a path for a train. This can become tedious or an issue with...
-There is no way to save your progress on a map/level which takes much longer than the advertised 5-10 minutes (normal mode) if you feel the need to stop the game at all, even if you run the game at 2-4x speed when unpaused.
+The map/terrain often evolves over time - The more time passes, the more buildings or things get added to the map that you may want to destroy later. So building many tracks early may decrease bulldoze costs in the long term.
?Out of all the levels, there are only a few map/terrain specific events like the rocket launch in the Store page's trailer. Those are caused by train(s) that enter from the outside of the map using pre-existing track, all of which is equally as rare as the events they trigger.
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