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~~If you add me here, please write a comment here or if trading use one of my trade sites above.~~

Current Gamer Bio : My favorite game genres are turn based strategy or tactics, RPGs, and simulation/management/building but I enjoy a variety of mostly single player games. Rocket League is my most played game on Steam that I still keep up with on occasion.
I'm a patient southern US gamer who buys the occasional bundle, trading or giving away what I don't activate (via, SteamTrades, SteamGifts), and otherwise I wait for seasonal sales.

BLAEO Profile : See my game backlog progress here -

Current featured games : Jurassic World Evolution (a simple dino park sim I've always wanted), Battletech (stompy mech battles done well), This War of Mine (realistic war survival with feels), Quantum Break (Fringe the game with spectacular visuals).

Gaming History : I have a somewhat varied history with gaming: I was a console gamer who started out on the Atari 5200 and I did some PC gaming starting in the mid 1990s. When the Wii came out in my later college years I shifted to being nearly all-in on console gaming except for some PC flash games. 6 years ago as Wii lost some appeal to me, Mechwarrior Online and Max Payne 3 re-sparked my interest in PC gaming. Winning a video card sealed the deal for me to totally get back into PC gaming and abandon consoles. I was huge into F2P multiplayer gaming for a couple years with games like Robocraft and Warframe, but after getting married I no longer felt like putting in the sustained time that those games require for me to feel like I make significant progress. I'm the kind of guy that if I got into an actual MMO I would be hooked too much. So my gaming is more sporadic with an hour here and a couple hours there.

PC Rig : Intel i5-3570K, GTX 1060 6GB, 24 GB RAM, Samsung 860 EVO 480GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD

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dragonfly59 Nov 28 @ 9:58am 
+rep very good trader
Tekki Oct 28 @ 11:24pm 
Hey, I added you because I am in the balancing act guild group as well. I would like you on my FL for better communication. I hope that's OK.
󠀡󠀡󠀡H4CK3D_RU Oct 13 @ 12:55am 
Random Walkers Giveaways is not active anymore . just notice ur apply and thought to inform you :P
KissDavid # GriF-Touch Oct 9 @ 8:14am 
+rep Fast Trade & Good Trader =)
Perish Oct 3 @ 11:57am 
good and fast trader:thanatochu:
fizfix 🐾 Aug 3 @ 12:09pm 
╚╩╝╠╝╠╝╠╣╠╝║║╔╣ (¯`(❁)´¯)