Gay-o-meter: ███████████████ 100%
"Everybody Loves Me."
The Dragon Overlord Himself.
Remember son, Dying is gay.
Yeah i've met Jared (OF COURSE I'VE MET JARED-)

"You're just you, no matter what you do, you can't seem to control the fact you hurt people, Ren."

Well, if your here to add me for:

Trade, Yeah, no.

Play Games with me, ehh, im not social enough

Talk to me, Add me on discord instead. 「Renachi」#1319

Ask me for art?, get to know me and maybe

at 06:18, 18/10/19 was the first time i changed my steam name in 2 years

person reading this is gay lol

im as toxic as a live slug

*Scared Screaming Intensifies*

mi like dicc

I roll to seduce the dragon
Wheres my cute dragon boyfriend hhhhh
this person is gay

Some Basic Info Stuff Nobody Reads
I'm 17
Im male.
Your local scottish twink.
i'm a queer!!!!
I can only speak english
6'2 chad
My birthday is on the 23rd of December for ya'll that care.

boyfriend?, whats that (no, i dont have one)

that ONE guy in everybodys comment section.

women make me incredibly uncomfortable.

If you REALLY care, my "Fursona" is a big fluffy feral dragon, just ask me for a picture and i'll show you :)

yea you can e/rp with me freely, hell, you're allowed to add me JUST for that if you want

I have a "Dragon Fetish".

poly relationships are absolutely disgusting, shoo if you're in one.

The Rest Of The Info-Box

Sweet Hibiscus Tea.

Saline Solution~

I accept robux for commissions

otherkins don't deserve to be alive.

People will only see you as an object 99% of the time, don't go into things with high expectations.

What state do i live in?; Denial

People will hurt you and be harsh, get used to it.

if your age on your profile is set to "private" or some ♥♥♥♥ you're 100% underage, just admit it.

I've been sent many, many diccpics in my time.
[ The Counter™️ ]

I used to have an old extensive bio that got erased.

i may seem like an old coot but in secret i'm actually a really soft kind bastard

Things i Like.
:reheart: Dragons
:reheart: Guys
:reheart: knots aha
:reheart: Drawing, i think.
:reheart: You™️

Things i Dislike
:bleach: W*men
:bleach: Horses.
:bleach: People who really cant take a joke.
:bleach: Steam Moderation System.
:bleach: Otherkin.
:bleach: You™️

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