!! REMP_Owner
Earth Military Heroes   China
*** READ MY PROFILE before speaking with me ***
No Random Adds. Either you play TF2 MVM and 7 days or you don't.

I am a very kind and good person. Honestly, I feel the group has gotten so large, that I can not answer everyone's little questions.

TRADE URL: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=50136220&token=k3kUrAf0

Trading with EMH rules:

My time is extremely valuable.
I invested over 20k into the group.
I run a large server group with 8 servers. That is my main focus.
I NEVER EVER price check items.

My "DO NOT" List:
#1. Random Friend Adds.
#2. Asking for Free Items, or "Forcing" me to discount.
#3. Not knowing pricing is not a valid excuse to ask me.
#4. Offer prices on my items and not willing to pay for the paint.
#5. Trolling the group or myself.

Ticketed MVM with EMH rules:
*** We play with many pros that will have groups that drive exceptions all the time. That's fine if the group can handle it. Below applies when we are redoing waves ***

#1. Playing for group success. Implying the group sucks when you can fix the problem, or using the excuse that it worked for you 500+ times before is a bannable story.
*** HELP the group is RULE #1. I don't care. ***

#2. Using the correct MVM weapons. (Fan, Milk, No Natasha, No Tomi, No Liberty, etc.)
#3. Trolling the group with false stats or directions.
#4. Use sound and I strongly prefer people to have mics.
#5. Making Baseless Claims about members or the group, or STALKING US - INSTANT BAN.
#6. Buying upgrades that make sense.
** Heavy, Demo, Solly - Max reload and firing speed upgrades early.
** Scout - Full running speed, full jump speed, and Milk slowdown.
** Engineer - Full dispenser range, 1 metal, full wrench speed early.
** Medic - Full Shield, and Ubercharge Rate early.

#7. Weak groups can not carry pyro, sniper, and spy at times (depending on the map). Rule #1. I dont' care about your experience, go play with your friends. WHY are you using randoms and wasting OUR TIME.
#8. Helping others find success. Blowing up team mates on purpose, not healing someone, or not moving the dispenser etc. will get you banned quickly. Rule #1.
#9. Use Canteens. (Rule #1). I don't care "HOW MUCH" of a hero you are in the mirror, if the team needs canteens, you need to use them. "NO" excuses acceptable here. I have rejected MANY PLAYERS from my pro group for this one reason, and kicked them from my open REMPSG group too. Expressing the feelings that others "SUCK", or pressuring the team to rage quit will simply get you banned.

*** It's a great feeling taking someone who is NOT great, and helping drive them to success!

Other High Level Things about EMH:

I am permanently handicap. Simply put, I have brain damage, and limited body motion.
I never drank, smoked or did any kind of drugs in my life.
I am over 50 years old.
I am a retired Level 2 Program Manager in the IT field.
I am a 3 time world champion audio video designer.
I am currently working on a few patents in a variety of fields including
*audio video
*computer industry

Be aware - You should see over 10k hours, my steam level is 237, & market purchases over 24k.

God Bless, Play Hard, and Trade Safely.
REMP's Exploding! I am the OWNER of REMP.
Hello Fellow Gamers,

All my Trademarks are completed for your New FPS game. This will compete directly with TF, and Survival Games. I need to finish my new book first, and than get back to make OUR NEW GAME !!!

ALL my group members from REMPSG and REMP will be given an opportunity to see the early version of my new game. It will be based on the unity gaming engine. This will be a direct competitor to TF2, and other FPS type gaming.

Early on, I played 4-6 tours per day every single day. Lately, I have been playing around 1 tour per day. I have completed over 3000 tours of playing and now focus on building our new game. I play so much early on because I was making many new maps. I created 23 custom MVM maps, and over 30 total TF2 Maps.

We are over 1300 members now and moving towards filling some needs of the group. I am actively seeking people to aid me in moving forward. The REMPSG group can help test the product and will have a direct impact on the final product we deliver. I am not going to go through the Green Light community, but will sell it direct until we have a final product. I will make every effort to sell the product via Steam Store, and don't see that as an issue at all.

I am very proud of our contribution to the community. We are truly the nicest group of people within a large group. We have no dirty traders and scammers, and have truly created a clean fun environment to have fun in. If anyone in the group would like to utilize our servers at anytime, just give me a few days notice. We have an amazing 7 Days to Die Server, and RUST too.

I am PLANNING on having our TYPICAL amazing Halloween and Winter Parties this year. It's nice to play on a lag free friendly servers.

*** We are in need of Admins that will be committed to the server group, and really aid in running the servers. ***

Have a Wonderful Day, and Happy Gaming !!
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!! REMP_Owner Nov 14, 2018 @ 12:15pm 
We just finished up our first MAJOR server. It's an honor to share my server with my friends, and we are having a party on Saturday, Nov 17, 2018. 7:00 PM Est time zone. Please buy 7DTD, and join us for some serious fun.
!! REMP_Owner Aug 12, 2018 @ 4:39pm 
Building a few new high end servers for us to utilize, and see where this goes for us as a group. I was thinking of having a HUGE 7 days to die server. Lets see how this works out for us.
!! REMP_Owner Aug 12, 2018 @ 4:38pm 
Today we got to 1400 members in our group. VERY PROUD of our accomplishments as a group. This is all active members, and I have played with all of them, since I am the only one that can invite people to the group.
!! REMP_Owner Aug 12, 2018 @ 4:37pm 
After checking the history on my kritz, I realized in total I have surpassed 100k on my kritz. That's over 2500 tours worth as medic alone. Just DAMN !!!!
!! REMP_Owner Jul 21, 2018 @ 6:57pm 
After checking the bp history, I realized I am now over 100k on mytotal kritz uber count.
!! REMP_Owner Nov 5, 2017 @ 1:54pm 
While playing mvm I got the Legendary name on my canteen. I think that's for the 7500 mark, but a day later, I have not hit the 7500 mark yet on my canteen !! LOL