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Posted: Oct 4, 2016 @ 8:03am

Early Access Review
So what is Atlas Reactor? Probably one of the most difficult to describe as an actual genre, but its like if XCOM and Frozen Synapse were combined with team-based multiplayer. Atlas Reactor is a turn-based simultaneous arena game, get together in 4v4 matches on a continuing variety of maps to prep, dash and blast your way to victory.

As you can tell I have well over 500 hrs put into this game, probably closer to 1000 before it was added to Steam. I've played through alpha, beta and now going into open and I have to say I absolutely love every bit of this game. The strategy, the abilities, the characters and the world. But by far, the community is one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. Nearly everyone who plays is pretty friendly and helpful, especially those that use the Atlas Reactor official Discord.

The game itself is Buy to Play to unlock everything permanently, the only thing actually buyable in-game currently are loot boxes, which give you nothing more than cosmetic stuff, which can just as easily be bought using the in-game currency for specific cosmetics. Nothing in this game is pay to win. And if you dont know how you feel about the game yet, there is a Free Mode, which is essentially a demo that allows you to play PvP with other people freely, but are limited to a rotating roster of characters. Play around on it for awhile and I'm sure it'll have you hooked if you enjoy tactical strategy games.

The learning curve on the game itself is easy to get into-hard to master type approach, with each character having their own separate learning curves as well. Also, every skill in the game can have variations to them in the form of Mods, which you adjust prior to playing and can change your strategy quite a bit. As far as character (known as Freelancers) types, you have the basic three, Firepower(DPS), Frontliner(Tanks) and Supports. However quite a few of them have hybrid roles at times. Objective is first to 5 kills or most kills at 20 turns, but will occassionally continue a bit passed that, but the matches themselves are fairly quick at about 20 minutes, approx 1 min per turn. You have 20 seconds to make your choices, then the actions play out on both sides, so you have to think quickly and work with your teammates.

I ask everyone to at least give it a shot if you're into multiplayer games and enjoy strategy, this game should be just right for you, especially if you're a fan of tabletop board games like Warhammer/Warmachine/HeroClix
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