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Posted: Aug 23, 2016 @ 3:33pm

The Walking Dead: Season One has been overthrown as the best story-focused, decisions-matter game.

It starts out in a pretty comfortable high school setting, where you play a photography student named Max. Episode one tricks you into thinking this is just a somewhat generic high school drama with a twist: Max can go back in time, limited to a few minutes in the past.

The game then starts throwing twists at you, making the emotional rollercoaster that this game is really take of. I won't bother delving further into the story, as it is something you do not with to have spoiled. Please note that episodes are no longer purchasable on their own, which results in there being spoilers in the screenshots on the storepage.

The artstyle is amazing. It looks like a water painting that is intractable. I've been taking more screenshot than the protagonist was taking photographs.

The setting is done amazingly as well. There's a lot of teenage drama going on that fits really well and comes across to me as realistic. It is easy to wander around on the campus or in the school. It is really lively, filled with objects to inspect closer, making the game truly come alive.
The characters are all feel realistic, acting like people with their background in their situation would do.

The soundtrack is another thing that fits so, so well. It brings this game to another level once more.

A minor issue is that the lipsyncing is wrong at quite some times. Which is the only real issue I can find with the game.

It is also worth mentioning that the game takes some inspiration from the movie 'The Butterfly Effect'. It is wise to try to put that out of your mind while playing it, because there are similarities that can make certain plot points predictable.

Something this game does that makes it stand miles above TWD is that the dilemmas and twists are done much better. Where the only trick TWD has is forcing you to decide between two characters living and dying, LIS is much more varied and way more unexpected.

This is one of the best pieces of media I have ever consumed and can recommend it to all. Life is Strange is a masterpiece and a hallmark in videogames.
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