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Hi, Im Revolution and I play a lot of video games.
I do things with stuff sometimes maybe...

:B1: PC Specs :B1:
Operating System | Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Case | Cooler Master H500
Motherboard | Gigabyte z97x-Gaming 7 ATX
CPU | Intel i7 4790k
RAM | GSKILL 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz
PSU | EVGA 750 P2 750w
HDD1 | 1TB 7200rpm WD Black
HDD2 | 2TB 7200rpm WD Black

:sasalewd: Gear :sasalewd:
Monitor | MSI Optix G242 IPS 1080p 144hz 24"
Keyboard | Corsair STRAFE RGB Cherry MX Red
Mouse | G-Wolves Hati HTM Stardust
Mouse Pad | Corsair MM300
Headphones | Massdrop AKG 7XX

:HangingController: Me on other game/etc services :HangingController:
Revolution#7287 - Discord
Revolution FX - Xbox Live
SirDerpity - Playstation Network
RetroRevo - Origin
Revolution#12311 - BattleNet
RetroRevo - Epic Games
Overrated - VRChat

:Hackingart: Me around the web :Hackingart:
:B1: My Twitter
:clap: My Youtube Channel
:2016dig: My Tumblr []
:tvhead: My Twitch channel []
:HangingController: My Pastebin(Configs/Etc) []

:heart: Thanks for checking out my profile, I love you!! :3 :heart:

You're in the Know, Right?

Megumin is the bestest girl :heart:
Currently Online
Assets (Ports/Maps/etc.)

Fabrice the Rat is now on Tower Unite! (Prop only atm if I decide to make it a player model, also sadly do not have the model anymore atm, may remake it in the future)

I now have a basic world in vrchat as well with my current public avatars:
Galo (Promare), Lio (Promare), Froggy Chair (AC: New Leaf), Froggy Chair (Smash Ultimate)

You can join the world using this url:

I may be doing more in the future along with updating them.


John Wick X Fortnite render here!

Anything else

not atm


:jimmyy: TOTALLY NOT A LINK TO THE "fake" OSFM DISCORD :jimmyy:

:sasalewd: Its pretty explosive :sasalewd:

? []

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Konosuba 2
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Created by - revo
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Settings as well as some comparisons to help you get the most performance out of Quake Champions, even while retaining some visual quality.

Keep in mind your mileage may vary with these depending on your hardware.

Tested in solo custom servers on Blo

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