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i like Neon Crisis Revelations Angry Cute Girl: Annihilation (lol)
i like Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei: End of Evangelion

CS:GO Trading my shadow daggers for butterfly. The daggers are battle scarred, with scorched design. ANY butterfly is fine.
TF2 Trading my force of nature or beggar's bazooka for "the machina" idk how but mine got deleted so i will trade my force or beggar's bazooka

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raviloli, im against furries. im not joining them. also, did you know that their budget doesnt cover metal detectors? :csgo_headshot:
イカ少女 Feb 12 @ 2:46pm 
Cabbage Feb 12 @ 12:29pm 
raviloli no
イカ少女 Jan 29 @ 5:51am 
Anime + Gamer = Furry
Cabbage Jan 6 @ 4:34pm