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"[LOOC] UU-S18-CmD.129: It's not rape if you don't feel it"

"NekerWolf: "its not rape if you dont feel it" ???
NekerWolf: or am i reading ur info wrong?
Refugee: Nope you're reading it right :D
NekerWolf: micropenis propaganda
That made me laugh for 15 mins straight.

2000 hours of Garry's Mod achieved! 21/11/2016, 6:07pm

"Somebody once, told me the CP's gonna roll me, i ain't the brightest rebel in slums... I was looking quite dumb with the armor and the gun, With the mark of peace on my armband...
Well, the sweeps start coming and they don't stop coming, Fed to the Consul and i hit the slums running, Didn't make sense not to run for life, Your death come up but your freedom gets use, So much to shoot, so much to kill, so what's wrong with taking the slum streets? Your PK wont happen if you run, You'll never die, if you N-L-R'd."

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Merry Christmas!
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http://hikipedia.info/wiki/Anime mä oon erittäin huolissani susta
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Vitun Keijo.
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@supergailey1 We all do like Remmu, don't we? ^^ Yeah thank!
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I like your artwork