Marcin Piotr Poloczek   Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland
`Overpopulation, energy issues, water problems, a rising sea level, an ecosystem in imbalance, air pollution, and finally problems of who possesses space… Currently, there are so many problems and dusputes in this world. However, this is what I believe. Mankind will be able to solve all of its problems, and will one day reach out to the world of the stars.`
~ Hoshino Yumemi

`I will always want to work with humans. That's why ... to tell the truth... I have no need for heaven. But if ... it came to be ... that I was invited into heaven ... Please, sir, I beg of you. Don't split heaven in two. ` ~Yumemi

If we are gonna die anyway, we might as well enjoy ourselves on this journey called life. Maybe it's time to give up our boring office job and just do what we want to.

I wonder when crying became shameful.

Politicians are today's royal jesters, with the difference that we are the kings who pay them.

Maybe we could stay alive forever if we put our life and soul into something?

I'm pretty sure we've already destroyed some brilliant minds with this school "rankings" system. Everyone has different talents, interests, capabilities which can't be measured by simple maths-science-language tests. Perhaps we should let people do what they love instead of making them study what's profitable for this corrupted system.

Back in the day, fiew years ago, I remember that whenever someone in the neighbourhood knew something cool, he thought that to everyone, so we all could do the cool stuff. Nowadays I can see a race of shakes...

Humans are indeed amazing creatures. They can bring happiness to everyone, yet they chose to kill each other to have the happiness for themselves.

Why do you fight other humans like you? Do you fight for your nation? Or do you fight for dictator's wishes?

Why do wars exist? Because of hate towards people of different nation? Or perhaps due to ruler's selfish ambitions?

Even if the God exists, why would He torture the people forever for being bad for roughly 80 years?

I just wish I'll be reunited after death with people, who I cherish the most.

twenty years from you now will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. so throw off the bowlines. sail away from the safe harbor.
catch the trade winds in yout sails, explore, dream, discover.
- Unknown

We all feel distressed,
heartbroken and dead,
we all can feel blessed,
and keep looking ahead.
Life can be vicious,
with something new at every turn,
people can be malicious,
and love to make you burn.
But not everyone is bad,
there is good out there,
not everything is sad,
if you look past despair.
You are not weak for hate,
nor for wanting to die,
but instead you are great,
for willing to cry.

Mommy why do good people die?
When your in a garden which flower do you pick?
The most beautiful....

~Both quotes found somewhere deep in youtube comment section. Isn't that amazing what you can bump into?
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The map Village is a classic 5v5 defuse map. It's set in an old village.
"Terrorists decided to attack the local village, one of the unique, best preserved medieval monument, to show their disagreement with new government's policy"

Created by - RedSkittleFox, Almaas, and trevor
Projects I'm taking part in:
Lead developer of Portal 2: Timex (currently on hiatus)
Level designer and programmer of Boat-Less (hl2: ep2 mod)
Lead developer and level designer of Portal 2: Remedy (Portal 2 mod)
Lead developer, programmer, and level designer of Anemone (Portal mod)
Programmer of Fall-Up [Arbeit] (Standalone project)
Level designer and concept artist of Portal Last Hope (Standalone portal relatated game)
Lead developer and level designer of Halloween Testing Initiative (Portal 2 Halloween Map)
Creator of Salvation (Portal 2 Workshop Mappack)
Level Designer and Modeler of de_village (CS:GO defuse map)

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