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I fell apart and took my mind with me. I have been barely sustaining My pain
just marinating. I fell apart and took my mind with me. just a Ghost cloaked
in lies with a broken spine. I fell apart and took my mind With me. just an
unrecognizable creature caught under an avalanche I fell apart and took my
mind with me. my presence unnerving. I’m a Shadow always lurking.
surrounded by death. even the towel rack Reminds me of the handles
pallbearers grip tightly on the way out of Church. what they use to lift you up
into the back of that hearse. I see A woman tighten grip on her purse. can’t
be offended. she doesn’t Know my intentions. she imagines the worse.
around here. the Conditions severe. around here. you tightrope between
detachment And fear. between the shattered fragments of existence that
collapse And appear. never changes. just exacerbates depression deeper
year And year. pain weaving in. pain weaving out. heartworms. sharp turns
Sparse words. scars burns. I spent a long time dying. don’t wake me up Yet.
public executions. you’ll never see me upset. force-fed myself with Blow but
now I settle for sedatives. no longer in the street. I belong in The crevices.
positively negative. popular I’ve never been. hard to be a Person when you
lack the metal requisites. emotionally deficit Consumed with all the
wretchedness. not optimist or pessimist. my Politics are in exodus. spouting
countless fountains out while drowning In the brine. my life’s the foulest
algorithm science can't define. they Trap you in these systems that are
phallic in design. because they fuck You in the mind. boy. they fuck you all
the time. I fell apart and took My mind with me. being strung up at the
ligaments with cultural Derivatives. I fell apart and took my mind with me.
pronounced dead By a nemesis. a doubt with a benefit. I fell apart and took
my mind with Me. just a cluster of atoms thrust deep in a chasm. I feel apart
and now Your mind is with me. smoke in your eyes. the worlds a joke in

If you have a lenny face or donger face of whatever the fuck face binded, just delete me please
If you say "X X X X B O Y S" I really fucking hate you

my best stats i think normal (2013)

BlockLongJump Distance : 272.41, PreStrafe : 275.50 Strafe : 8, MaxSpeed : 350.28, Sync : 89.61, Edge : 4.183
#Strafe MaxSpeed Gains Loses Time Sync
1 286.65 11.15 0.00 14.28 63.63
2 301.56 14.90 0.00 15.58 91.66
3 311.33 10.18 0.41 11.68 88.88
4 319.64 8.31 0.00 11.68 100.00
5 327.56 7.91 0.00 10.38 100.00
6 335.30 7.73 0.00 11.68 88.88
7 341.78 6.47 0.00 11.68 100.00
8 350.28 8.50 0.00 12.98 90.00
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One of the best css bhoppers period.
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