𝐈'𝐌 𝐌𝐄.   Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
my specs a rx 460 16 gbs of ram and a 4 cores and 4 fans
mouse a deathadder and Redragon K552-RGB KUMARA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Black)
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Team Fortress 2
1 game ban on record | Info
405 day(s) since last ban
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about me

I'm ::csgostar:dressednormal and I play CSGO, Overwatch and other games! Here are some things to know about me:
drugs and vaping is key VAPE NATION
I will ignore you if you have a Private Profile
Anyone under Steam Level 10 will most likely be ignored Unless i know u in real life or i know u

:blackalien:I am a hypebeast so i do talk about cothing alot and i do resale as well
:bluejelly:Play with me!

:bluejelly: I am lem in CSGO
:bluejelly:in any teams no not right now
:bluejelly: ESEA [ play.esea.net ]
:bluejelly:esl pro player 7 lan tourments won

::csgostar::Blizzard Games
:bluejelly: I play only Overwatch at the moment
:bluejelly: My battletag is Pandaz#11172
:bluejelly: Overwatch level is 80
:bluejelly:SR around 3563

::csgostar:Origin Games
:bluejelly: Currently only Battlefield 1/4
:bluejelly: Add my tag dressednormal
::csgostar: I play as all class
:oscar:rainbow 6 csoffer.me
.(\       \           ./)
  .(ヽ_)     .ii__       .(_ /)
   \ \    i_____i    ./ /
    \ \   i_-|.|-_i |   ./ /
      \ \mi._|_|._,im./ /
        .i \∧/ i i i its me your local edgy spy main
         i <.○.> i i
         i /V\ i
         i `ヽニニニ.i
        i:::::::::i::::::::i :praisesun::bloodstain2::CunningPepeYellow:
         .i. ̄ i  ̄i

ok time for something more stuff happening rn in my life/gaming
ive started to play tf2 i like it im having fun and its just from my past
since i have a game ban for grefing im done with it all i get kicked from games
alot and its just why just because of i have red words in my profile doesnt mean hey
lets kick this person

now lets talk more whats happening now im going though alot of deaths in my family
and for me the thing that keeps me here is gaming and music it helps me
just playing video games brings me back when i was younger and
i thinked everything was all right but shit happens i guess

if u want to add me u can its your choice:teddybr:
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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cool group̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍ ௵﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽
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ѕреngebob squirepant Sep 13 @ 11:35am 
\.- //--------\\ -,/
-\v/---------- \v/
//_\\_____ //_\\
'----\\----- //----`
------\\-- //

Send this SHEKEL to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get 6,000,000 your A TRUE SCHLOMO
✪DressedNormal Sep 10 @ 9:56am 
np dad
HamajiNeo Sep 10 @ 9:41am 
ur artwork section gave me epilepsy
Goldin fl Sep 10 @ 7:55am 
Hey cutie ;)
D43M0nsッ Aug 31 @ 9:48am 
my halloween items are untradeable RIP
✪DressedNormal Aug 27 @ 2:33pm 
Everyone adding me put here why u are adding pls be level 10 or higher on steam or i probs will not add u :security: