𝐈'𝐌 𝐌𝐄.   Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
my specs a rx 460 16 gbs of ram and a 4 cores and 4 fans
mouse a deathadder and Redragon K552-RGB KUMARA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Black)
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I'm ::csgostar:dressednormal and I play CSGO, Overwatch and other games! Here are some things to know about me: ps i play airsoft now i dont have the time to play video game as much
drugs and vaping is key VAPE NATION
I will ignore you if you have a Private Profile
Anyone under Steam Level 10 will most likely be ignored Unless i know u in real life or i know u

:blackalien:I am a hypebeast so i do talk about cothing alot and i do resale as well
:bluejelly:Play with me!
:bluejelly: I am lem in CSGO
:bluejelly:in any teams no not right now
:bluejelly: ESEA [ play.esea.net ]
:bluejelly:esl pro player 7 lan tourments won

::csgostar::Blizzard Games
:bluejelly: I play only Overwatch at the moment
:bluejelly: My battletag is Pandaz#11172
:bluejelly: Overwatch level is 80
:bluejelly:SR around 3563

::csgostar:Origin Games
:bluejelly: Currently only Battlefield 1/4
:bluejelly: Add my tag dressednormal
::csgostar: I play as all class
:oscar:rainbow 6 csoffer.me
.(\       \           ./)
  .(ヽ_)     .ii__       .(_ /)
   \ \    i_____i    ./ /
    \ \   i_-|.|-_i |   ./ /
      \ \mi._|_|._,im./ /
        .i \∧/ i i i its me your local edgy spy main
         i <.○.> i i
         i /V\ i
         i `ヽニニニ.i
        i:::::::::i::::::::i :praisesun::bloodstain2::CunningPepeYellow:
         .i. ̄ i  ̄i

I do artwork showcases now im not good at it or great but if your a friend reading this i do it for free for u long term friends i have but i do it for pretty cheap mainly tf2 items or sometimes like a set of trading cards but besides that u can add me
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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cool group̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍ ௵﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽
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Jedy(see my profile) 13 hours ago 
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MotoMan Nov 1 @ 1:42pm 
me gusta la aceituna pero sin semilla
✪DressedNormal Oct 26 @ 4:29pm 
bApBaP Oct 23 @ 5:18pm 
make her drink the♥♥♥♥♥sauce
Cosmic Oct 16 @ 6:13am 
oof.. what has happened to the world. Most of them vape now.
✪DressedNormal Sep 30 @ 9:02pm 
u have to say why are u adding me or when u add me your gonna get blocked right away :The_Knight: