Aric D1CKBUTTER   Michigan, United States
I be streaming y'all my twitch is XXXJAHSIAGO.ttv

One man can save us all, and that man can build the wall.

I am the FlecksLort of Booty Isle...the Booty Isle is one of the segments of land located in the fist of STRONKLANT. Booty Isle is a powerhouse when it comes to Flecksing and WHOOPING ass. Swayncc City, Stronklant, and Booty Isle are all teaming up together to fight the Jake Paulers otherwise known as the Overdabbers. They dab way too much and will destroy us unless we work together.

Currently, we work together, but it wasn't always that way...1738 years ago, there was a war between all 3 factions before the Overdabbers had even existed yet. After fighting and about 4856954 deaths in total...we all realized something, the last 3 leaders realized something about eachother.

The Swayncc clan only exists because it is stronk...stronk exists because it is very swayncc to be stronk...but to be either of those, is to flecks...and all 3 did that. They decided to create a peace treaty and also a last call, to combine all 3 empires against one giant, too powerful of an enemy...the Overdabbers.

Tragically, we had to use this contigency plan rather recently, the Overdabbers have taken over the land of the Heimen, a smaller kingdom owned by the Stronklort.

ALL of the Heimen were slaughtered, children were tortured, no one survived the attack. The Heimen were getting ready to join the 3 main empires with the battle, but it was too late. But 100 miles off the coast of the knuckle of the FISST, there are the Krunklorts, they have joined the 3 main empires.

While there are 3 empires and all of their kingdoms such as Krunkspoinkle, there is one more empire readying up to help us defeat the Overdabbers...the Snanklebusters. They have the power of the Stronk and Swayncc combined, together, all 4 of us will defeat the Overdabbers or die trying...we will flecks when we die, out of honor.
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Chewie Jan 24 @ 1:42am 
kill yourself tubby
Chewie Jan 24 @ 1:42am 
fat retard
Dwight Delight Jan 17 @ 3:55pm 
+rep Pretty Good Myers!
doctor cheese Jan 11 @ 5:16pm 
Null Jan 10 @ 2:38pm 
+Rep, good sport, made me smile at the end of a game after running into plenty who weren't.
doctor cheese Jan 4 @ 8:34pm 
this guy blocked me because i hurt his feelings