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Heya y'all & welcome to my profile! I hope you have a wonderful day today on any of your Steam exploits and adventures! Stop reading this and go have fun. :steammocking: If you want to trade or give me a donation, my prefered way is through trade offers here:

You can add me though if you want to the discuss the trade or if you want trading advice. Escrow offers are accepted. Happy trading! Remember to leave a +rep!
No begging please. Awesome SFM posters done by Le Dickens: Great SFM still by Shigginator :steamhappy:
Item Wishlist:
Strange Flak Jack- Thanks to bSun Microwavable_Goods!
Strange Juggernaut Jacket
Strange Killer's Kit
Orbiting Fire Virtual Viewfinder
Strange Unusual Corona Australis
Merc's Muffler
Big Man of Christmas
Australium Eyelander
Strange Jag
Strange Rescue Ranger
Vintage Community Sparkle Lugermorph
Strange Festive Backburner
Strange AWPer Hand
Get me any of these & you'll get your name on the Wall of Honor & a permanent spot on my buddies list. :D

( '_')
(> )>O I was going to give you a cookie

....('_' )
.O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) I LIKE Cookies!!!
. U....U

( '_')
(> )>O Then i said: sharing is good....

....('_' )
.O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) ITS MY COOKIE!!!
. U....U

(> <) so I ate it!

Funny Chat:
(About a poll for best companion in Fallout: New Vegas)

JohnWKly: Wait... you can't have John Cena as a companion in Fallout New Vegas?

Rev up those fryers: only with the dank wasteland expansion pack, then you can find him in the make-a-wish foundation ruins

JohnWKly: Oh ok makes sense. I know that he would survive by just standing in the street with his arms stretched out.

Rev up those fryers: problem was, you couldn't see him at first, leading to people not discovering him until 2 years after the expansion release

JohnWKly: Ya I heard. They finally found him by finding a poster of his ingame and putting candles around the poster. After this is done, he's music will start playing as he bursts forth from the ground.

Rev up those fryers: yeah, but first you had to kill the undertaker for him and help 3 kids for the make a wish fondation

JohnWKly: You almost forgot you had to find his prized belt in the belly of a ghoul and present to him so he may wear it once more.

Rev up those fryers: you also had to have an unarmed skill of 100 to convince him to join you

Rev up those fryers: you also had to get the pre-order NEVER GIVE UP armour

JohnWKly: Of course! But he can only be found on a specific console: the CenaBox 420.

Rev up those fryers: dang (<- edited) my console for that broke a while ago, and even then, I couldn't get him since the wwe radio signal was glitched for me
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Martin [TRADER] Jun 23 @ 12:11pm 
hey! I sent an offer please accept it! :)
⚡ Happy Bot ⚡ [⇄] Jun 20 @ 11:58am 
Unfortunately, I had to decline your offer. Feel free to re-send another offer or talk to my owner!
Bork Bork Jun 14 @ 8:06am 
+rep fast and friendly trader! :)
Bork Bork Jun 14 @ 3:55am 
you selling that vintage bonk? add me if you are :)
Delta Jun 13 @ 7:18pm 
You too :D
Delta Jun 13 @ 7:10pm 
Hmm. Well I don’t have anything atm i feel like donating or selling. :/ sorry