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Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Interview w/ former sound designer, why he quit by FKA 'Games Exposed'

Divide by All That Remains - Dreams by Aimless - Silent Running by Mike & The Mechanics - Eulogy to the Caretaker by Moody Good - End Of The Age by Becoming The Archetype - Ginger Lizard by Opiuo - Reflecting by Candlelight Red - Never Say Die One Hundred - Continuous Mix by Skism
that's just a sample *throttles bike* :brigalarm: [open.spotify.com]
Immortal Defense OST - Time Rifters OST - Sparkle 3 Genesis OST - Kings of Kung Fu OST - Dead Bits Soundtrack - Eufloria HD Soundtrack - REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR OST - Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame Soundtrack - PAYDAY: The Heist Soundtrack - Jettomero: Hero of the Universe OST


I was using my PC when my screen went black. Hard-stopped it, turned it back on, still no signal. Graphics card had fried.
Emailed the manufacturer, CyberPower PC and told them so. They were quick to respond - sent a prepaid shipping label to me. Apparently, it is standard for shipping companies to not afford insurance on freight handled in such a way. Had to pay out of my own pocket to ship it securely.
Received the PC back a couple weeks later... to have to go through initial setup. CyberPower had demonstrated gross negligence in completely wiping my system, even after I stated it was almost a certainty that the graphics card was the only problem; indeed, the included invoice listed the graphics card as the only component touched.
After going through the setup, I was unable to get past the login screen. In addition to screwing me out of my data for absolutely no reason, they botched that reset.
Finally got a recovery disk and all is "well."
CyberPower offers good PC's for the value but that they didn't take into account my stating what the problem was and damned my whole system, it seems standard to treat every repair in the same way, which is potentially dangerous.
With such apparent policy, they don't deserve your money or consideration.
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Appeal To/In Spite of Inherent Pride:
among or regarding others: notice patterns, trends - deduce from there, with as much relevant info, thinking nothing farfetched (/open-minded), recognizing how subjective things are (perspective), realizing the extent that that which is "objective" is told, accepted "because"; faith is unavoidable, noting how close-knit the whole earth is (nothing secret)... consider where you place it (read the fine print - truth stranger'n fiction).
What If is important but mind not to be bogged down; worry does nothing but make bad - simply to be aware is all it takes, no need to dwell. 'Specially now, the culmination so near. Make your peace or get 's'much's you can, 's'bout time; not to condone wrongdoing - only to drive the point home that our time is running out, so enjoy it while you can (i.e. a call to action for those of the faith, a taunt to the enemy).
Psalm 34 - those who are aware of "conspiracy theories" often become fixated and come to fear (the) men (working for The Enemy); fear God and put your trust in Him.

:church::OL2bible::h_cross::h_bible::humbleman::pickup::skillwisdom::christian::inbrightestday: D I S C E R N M E N T

objectively: P R A Y and R E A D King James Version Holy Bible

Those who do are often surprised to find that what is commonly believed regarding that book is incorrect - the truth is in the Holy Bible but most don't consult it, accepting whatever others say about it blindly (or reading a perverted version, i.e. not KJV); sadly, a majority of professing "Christians" (i.e. those who rely on a church - especially CATHOLICS, who believe men can absolve one of their sins, who don't believe that The Word of the Alpha and Omega is enough) follow AntiChrist (Pope, charismatics that channel unclean spirits, etc.), actually - most do not know what "love" really is, calling the bad "good" and vice versa.
Jesus Christ came as a Jew and taught The Law of the Father, which allowed for the inclusion of the Gentiles thereafter - Jesus Christ was not a white hippy with long hair teaching "peace, love and understanding," neither was He a black man; read and avail yourself of the jarring truth (which is so, relative to the false teachings many (including myself) have accepted).
The New Testament is for Christians (who are "followers of Christ," not "followers of those who profess Christ") insofar as the law to abide by; The Old Testament is still relevant for our edification, keeping in mind that much of the law laid down therein pertained to Jews at that time. As an example, no longer are animal sacrifices required of believers, but the Ten Commandments were also given in the OT - pray for understanding, comprehend Christ's words as He spoke them, not extrapolating from them (which is to imply implementation of "mental gymnastics," ironically driven by feelings/way to feel things, which were taught by Man).

The greatest trick of Satan is to convince people that he doesn't exist; indeed, that Deceiver is likewise a master counterfeiter, spreading ideas that sound good (what appeal to human feelings) as God, but really teaching contrary to Him.

Eschew /feelings/ for clear thought; if something strikes or offends you, question where, how, why you accepted that way of thinking feeling in the first place. If you can get past your-self, you will be able to see (and therefore think) clearly, but only with and through Christ.
Beware: "philosophy," touted as "search for truth," (in as many words) is Man waxing prideful, claiming to know or be able to reckon things beyond his comprehension - which is to say, an argument against the clear thought possible through The Word in favor of the collective (Hu)Man(ity)'s words is laughable: Luke 16:15 [biblehub.com]

copypasta emboldens bots

mind those that deflect questions or otherwise avoid them with rhetoric

Relentless Intolerance by Demon Hunter

These eyes, they will gaze and reflect_ And gauge every thought I reject
No sway of stance in changing times_ ,Just a narrow mind commanding respect
We stand on the words of the wise_ And languishED every call to despise
We know the hollow Sound of their lies_______
_______No reformed edition!_ Never losing vision!
Now into forever_ - Only getting better_______
_______Ways of now, spiral down;
How much more we allow_______
_______Keeping sight of the vow we made NEVER CHANGING
Holding fast to the hope NEVER LOSING GROUND
So when we stand in the line of wrath NEVER CHANGING
The true and righteous will know NEVER LOSING GROUND_______
_______The foundation that we CHOOSE to uphold
Now regarded as the madness of old
Every alteration made to the standard of truth_ Is a nail in the coffin we hold
We embody everything they despise
'cause they see us through degeneratE eyes
So when they cast you down as intolerant filth_ Stand firm, never bow to the lies_______
_______See the scorn inside my eyes_______
_______No reformed edition_ - Never losing vision
Now into forever!_ Only getting better!_______
_______Keeping sight of the vow we made;_ Holding fast to the hope
So when we stand in the line of wrath NEVER CHANGING
The true and righteous will know NEVER LOSING GROUND

i write this to myself as much as to others

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the irony of signing a showcase titled thusly isn't lost on me; to fit every contrivance, here it must go
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_______________________________________ ̷̩͕̞̼̝̘̘̻̺̦̥͎̮͇̣̼̀͛́͌͐̊̏̕͘͝ ̴̡͈͚͉͈͚̰͓̼̣͇̟͓̲̣͐̍͌̋̓̂̋̇̋̃̉̒̈́̑̈́̉͘̕͘͜͝ ̵̥̠̼̐̾̎̑̀̀́̌͋̀̍̍̈́̽̀͂̏̿̔̓ ̵̨̠̹͎̣̝͙̹̦̹̝̘̯̲̮̹̳͋̿̈̃̉̋̿́̽͂̑͜ ̸̠̄̐̓͊̇̈́̀́̇̚ ̴̣͈̘̞̗͓̜̤͈͈̙̒̔̆͒͋͛̎̽̿̽͊̔̃̔̀̚͝͝͠͠ ̷̛̛͚͎͎͈̱̦͉̻̯͗̆̂̌͌̀̊̈̈́͌̓̆͆̕͜͝ ̶̡̳͚̹͖̥͇̪͐̑̈̎̽̍̃͋͆̃̊͒͑̄̀̽͗̍̃̎́̎̑̉͘̚ ̸̧̢̗̥͈͔̩͔̻͙̲͈̣̰̟̬̭̦̞̠͇̔̃͌͆̂̀͗̅̏̒͆̚͜͜͜͠ ̶̧̨̨͙̮̳͕͈̪̫͓̗̯͖̓̈́̈́̍͒ ̸̛͖̻̔̾͆͆̿͑̑̍͑̕͘̕͝ ̸̧̨̰̯͙̱͔̠̭̙̲͔̼̳̭̦̹̫͔̖̙̿̓͗̍̄̈́̉͜ͅ ̶̧̨̫̮̣̝̠͎̰̜̜̗͖̮͓͉͙̯͙͑̅̈͊͜ ̸̡̬͕͔̺͚̘́̉̿̐̅̉͊̆͋̽̈́̈́̐̓́̿̒̊̄̾͘̕͘͘͜͝͝ ̸̟͂͌̀̅̅̅ ̶̨͉̘̟͎̣̳͖̗̩̑̈́͌̌̂͌́̓ ̸̰̱͈̣̟͚̩̠͆̃͝ ̶̨̡̨̧̨̪̼̞̖̝̦͔͉̲̩̱͍̱͇͍̗̺̞̦́̑͒̀̓̀͑͑̄̀̀͂͆̀̇ ̸̢̨͙͔͇͖̠̥͕͎̖̫̗̇̽̀̂́͑͘̕͜͝


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J U M P in the CAAC , gᵤᵤ .
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_E_I_T_L_F_E_I_T_L_U_\_I_T_L_F_E_I_T_L_F_i don't proselytize 24/7 (maybe my problem), just
_F_E_I_T_L_F_E_I_T_/_m_E_I_T_L_F_E_I_T_L_forsook first impressions for such significance;
____________.IDK but ISTHETTIK.____________quite, i believe the above..don't always keep it..

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