Zach   Mission, Texas, United States
"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians."
- Charles de Gaulle

- General Anthony C. McAuliffe

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Slava Ukraina.

LEGO photographer, 36th Infantry Division reenactor and 1st Recon Division reenactor, historian and I dabble a bit in space.

Aspiring US Navy HM-8427 Recon Corpsman, and aspiring French Foreign Legionnaire.

Unless you fancy cringing, I suggest not looking at my reviews, or the majority of my screenshots.

simple euro-arab jew making his way in life

i want ian curtis give me ian
avid fan of new order, the the, talk talk, and other 80s new wave/synthpop bands
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YankeeFoxtrot Jul 19 @ 3:39pm 
Since I was just a boy I have always loved jumping out of the battle bus, but all this time I have felt something was missing. And that thing is the ability to thank the driver of the battle bus, he or she is truly a great person and they provide us a great service, I think it is time we can truly appreciate their service, don't you agree?
Phoenix Jun 14 @ 3:18pm 
jai'galaar Mar 10 @ 5:44pm 
v wdym it's not so poppin
parker_ Mar 8 @ 4:09pm 
+rep for the simple fact that he is a lbenase-frenchman :steamfacepalm: (but the profile pic is not so poppin)
cour Feb 25 @ 7:28pm 
+rep alpha
Mas Jan 20 @ 2:21pm 
Partially true, I suppose