The Ghastly Gatsby
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Video games are ultimately a series of equations and algorithms displayed on a screen and manipulated by a player's inputs for the purpose of entertaining oneself. Such an inconsequential activity should not warrant frustration out of you. But if it does, than maybe its intended role is currently lost on you. Perhaps you may simply require a break, but there might be the chance there's an underlying issue as to why your fun is stifling. Contemplating whether the trade-off of discomfort between periods of occasional satisfaction and success is or is not worth the outcome, can and may help you to enjoy your games more. As in, substituting those moments of annoyance or aggravation with something that can calm you and take your mind off of it, could help you. Your health should always have priority over your game, and sacrificing a few hours to care for yourself can make all the difference.

To summarize, consider this.