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Posted: Jul 25, 2018 @ 10:11am

There's few things that are as.... different as this.

I love adult swim games. The games they publish are very interesting and diverse. Kingsway is no different. This is just so entirely different from anything else I've ever played. It's some bizarre mash up of hacker-sim/dungeon crawler/rogue-like.

There's several endings. Each interesting on it's own. I've only seen a couple of them, there's guide to getting them all out there if you need it.

The big thing in this game is that the faux-operating system is the game. You mange your windows, you chase and click enemy windows , your health, status, equipment, game music, items, inventory etc... are all in their own windows. What makes some of the enemies interesting is that they can close, hide, and manipulate your windows. That could impact your survival. You're clicking and managing windows, and using them to work your way though the game.

The world is randomly generated, so it's usually interesting, and different. Multiple characters keep things interesting as well.

Just a few caveats here.

There is a time mechanic. There's a shadow that moves from west to east across the world, and as you move east the enemies become stronger. If you take occasional risks, it doesn't seem too oppressive. However, you might want to spend more time exploring, and this mechanic will certainly hold you back. You will have to make decisions about where to go and when, you may not be able to visit everything.

Also, while the first few times getting through the game are very fun and charming, you've seen it all. The enemies don't change much, and their windows follow the same patterns everytime. So it may wear thin on some players.

Overall. Good game, Play it. Very interesting and unique. I'm sure I haven't seen everything in this game yet.
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