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Posted: Aug 8, 2018 @ 1:40pm

This game has been creeping around the edges of my radar for a long time.

Recently I've noticed that I have a collection of rogue like games on steam, so maybe I like them. I'll tell you want doesn't look like fun. Bullet hell games.

But you know what, this recent expansion brought the game back onto my radar. The whole bullet hell idea kinda caused me to have my doubts, however the rogue-like elements really made this game appealing to me. So I bought the damn thing, and here I am.

So far the furthest I've ever been is Level 3, however I've finally gleamed how you make it to the bottom consistently. Working towards the elevator shortcuts. Pretty soon I'll have the shortcut to floor 2 done, then maybe I can make it to floor 5, which I'm looking forward to.

When looking at bullet hell games from the outside, it looks impossible, but actually being in it, and working through the patterns of bullets. You can do it. Hell I did it, this type of game produces TONS of hero moments, and everytime you make it through an encounter without getting hit you feel like a total badass.

I love the pixel art in this game, not really much to add to that.

The weapons are completely silly. Some are pretty normal, but most are crazy. I've used a camera, a super soaker, a bubble-bobble character that barfs out bubbles, lasers, a ship's cannon. etc.

Each character is very unique, all with different starting weapons and abilities. Currently favoring the Pilot and Marine, but really like the huntress (I mean a revolver and a cross bow come on). The prisoner is OK she gets a pistol and shotty.

The grind is pretty good, once you figure out what to do.

Who cares if you suck at these kind of games, this is totally worth your time. I'm not great at it, but I'm gonna beat this game.
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