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13.9 год. загалом
I've heard a lot of good things about this game, and had some high hopes that it would be a pretty good horror game. I'm sad to say I was a little disappointed. While Alien: Isolation delivers on being an excelent port, having a pretty great story, and a great atmosphere, it was overall a letdown, mainly because it failed at being scary.

**Minor Spoilers**


I think it nailed the atmosphere. Everything feels like it's going to ♥♥♥♥ and you can't trust anyone or anything. The technology is very interesting, and stayed true to the film.

The port is absolutely fantastic. By default it ran on ultra at 4k(!!!) with all the effects on, and rarely dropped below 60fps. I have a pretty powerful computer, but it's by no means top of the line.

The story was great, and that and the atmosphere was really all that kept me going to completion.

I have 13.9 hours in the game. About 12 of those were for the main story, which is great. It didn't feel arbitralily padded for time. The other 1.9 was for Crew Expendable and Last Survivor DLC, which were very short but decent enough.


The game can be very frustrating at times, especially with the stealth, and especially in the first half of the game. This is the reason for my negative review, the game was just too frustrating. The humans are very OP. The can see you crouched across the room and shoot you, hear you while crouching (albeit somewhat closely), and definitely hear you walking or running. This is strange, considering the Alien is supposed to be the one to spot you the easiest. You can crouch behind Alien and he won't notice unless you get very close, and walk fairly close without it noticing. He can see you if you stand, but often won't see you if you're crouched like the humans do. The deciding factor is that you can kill humans, but only scare off Alien. Take note that I was playing on Hard, which is the recommended difficulty. At one point the stealth was frustrating enough where I set the difficult to Easy. This didn't change the difficulty of the stealth, it just seemed to make guns do less damage to me.

This ties into the other reason why the other main con: the game just wasn't that scary. Frustration was a big cause of this. When you die towards the end of the level because of something spotting you, often unfairly, you just want to sprint though and ignore everything, If you're frustrated and annoyed, you're not worried about getting killed. This takes away all the fear of being hunted. I found myself many times just trying to find the shortest route possible where I wouldn't get caught, not hiding at all. And it usually worked. If I get caught, just hit escape and load the save. To be fair, I am a horror game veteran. The last horror game I played was SOMA. SOMA wasn't super scary, but I think it has Alien beat by quite a bit. To someone who isn't used to horror games or gets scared easily by horror games, you might have a different opinion.

I will also give the game credit for not relying heavily on cheap jumpscares. There definitely are some, and a lot of them don't work, but most of the fear comes from the feeling of being hunted and isolation (hey, name drop!) It just didn't work as well as I would like.

Working Joes were a weird NPC. If you dislike uncanny valley, mannequins, dolls, etc. then you might be afraid of them. They certainly are creepy. They just aren't threatening. You can easily outwalk them, unless you get cornered. Once you have guns and bombs, they're fairly easy to take down. Otherwise they're just annoying to deal with because they patrol important areas. You know that trope in games where you see a dead guy, but when you get close they're not actually dead and they attack you? Alien: Isolation uses that so many times with the Working Joes. Except in this game you can't do much to stop them when you know they're going to grab you. You can shoot them, but that's going alert everyone nearby. You can't melee them, no matter how hard you try. They use this cheap tactic so often that it stops being startling and starts being a nuisance.

My last gripe is the save system. There are checkpoint you have to manually save at placed sporadically through the station. This is a huge pain point because during very lengthy stealth sections there will be few save points. You will be listening to the same dialogue many times, pulling the same levers, pressing the same buttons, hoping to just get to the next save point. If there were just a few more it wouldn't be as annoying.

I got the game on sale for $15 including all DLC, and for that price I would say it's a worthwhile experience. At the current price of $49.99, $59.99 to get all the DLC, I would say give it a pass. Wait for it to be $15 or less.
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14.9 год. загалом
I could recommend this game just for the ending alone. Overall, it isn't as scary as Amnesia was. However, it beats Amnesia in pretty much every other way. The story, the audio, the graphics, they're all fantastic. Best game Fricitonal has made, probably the best game in it's genre.
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4.2 год. загалом
I recommend this with the stipulation that you get it on sale, as I did.

PROS: The game hit all the points that I would want from a Western game. Over-the-top combat with dynamite, twin 6-shooters, and a bullet-time feature.

The story was pretty great and ended nicely and followed the tropes of the genre well without feeling generic. Combat was for the most part fun, and finding the Nuggets of Truth, which tell you facts about the historical figures you kill/interact with, was actually pretty fun.

Voice acting was great, and the dialogue was interesting and funny.

At first I didn't like the way the story was told. The character you play as is telling the story of what you're playing in a bar. However, I grew to like it because it set up some funny/interesting moments in the game.

CONS: The 4.2 hours I have in the game right now was the length of the entire story mode (without getting 100% of the Nuggets). There is a NG+ and extra difficulties, but it doesn't seem interesting enough to warrant playing through again This was way shorter than I would have liked, and left me wanting more.

At the beginning of the game, it asks you to set the brightness. DO NOT do what it says. Set it a few ticks higher than the recommended. There was more than a few times where I had to shoot an enemy that was pitch black, or go into a room that I could not even see.

Besides weird contrast issues, the levels sometimes have some pretty poor design. You can press "O" to see where to go, but it doesn't help if you can't see the path. A few times I got stuck in terrain and had to restart the level because of it.

On Normal, the game is way too easy. Most enemies die in one hit, all but bosses die in one headshot with a rifle. The dueling system was also a little lackluster to me, and not more than a gimmick.

It may seem like there are more cons than pros, but the gameplay does actually outway the cons to me. I consider this game a good purchase at ~$6.
Додано 3 травня 2015 р..
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11.0 год. загалом
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I was skeptical that this would work at all. I was gifted it for Christmas, and we started playing a few card and dice games and I was pleasantly surprised. There are only a few bugs at this point even though it it still in early access, and the controls, once you get the hang of them, are a good mix between easy to use and flexible so that you can play games correctly.
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