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Dota 2

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Seeker of Mystical Echoes
Collection by Mv
Templar Assassin set made for Extra Life Charity Treasure . made by PEAR . Lanaya, the Templar Assassin, came to her calli
A Gentleman's Dapper Disguise
Collection by Mv
A Gentleman's Dapper Disguise is a Pudge set madeby RavaFX in collaboration with TotalBiscuit. Workshop artists involved with the set: Mv, mihalceanu, Vovosunt, Ka'as, Click on the items
Hallowed Essence
Collection by Mv
Sven Set - Hallowed Essence Sven is the bastard son of a Vigil Knight, born of a Pallid Meranth, raised in the Shadeshore Ruins. With his father executed for violating the Vigil Codex, and his mother shunned by her wild race, Sven believes that honor i
Scarlet Avenger
Collection by Mv
The Scarlet Avenger - Legion Commander The night that would change everything . . . the future that would give birth the an unstoppable force of good . . . of that insufferable night, where demons attacked at night . . . ravaging every man, child and wo
Ventossa's Resolve
Collection by Mv
Windranger - Ventossa's Resolve A widowed prince has a daughter, Ventossa, who is tended by a beloved governess. The governess, with Ventossa's help, persuades the prince to marry her. The governess then brings forward two daughters of her own, who abus
Might of the Earth
Collection by Mv
Earthshaker - Might of the Earth Earth's might all focused on one being. The one that would end the conflict between the eternal struggle of ancients.
Nightshade Malevolence
Collection by Mv
Nightshade Malevolence a Venomancer set for Sheever. Inspired by Venomancer lore and background. Now fused with the most beautiful flora in the world, a beauty matched only by the strength its poison. Made by: Set made by: Mv, Reza, Agito, Chameleon,
The Doctor's Many-faced Menagerie
Collection by Mv
Witch Doctoring ain't easy. Still, who is Witch Doctor going to complain to? It's tough finding new friends when you smell like a man whose pockets are stuffed with dead goblins and rotten Bloobloo fruit, so the only way to make new to MAKE
Feathery Soul
Collection by Mv
Lina Feathery Soul for Starladder Season XIII. Reuploaded with updated textures and enhanced model. Unhappy and jealous of the attention her sister received for her amazing new garments, Lina decided to search the scorched Desert of Misrule, for a relic
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