Stefan   Austria
I accept all friend requests please send at will, also my keyboard is fucking disgustinging and I need to clean it, ty <3
Hello im a Guy from Austria playing Competitive TF2 for about 4 years now
TF2 <3
I DO NOT accept random friends request anymore
If you need/want something from me, please leave a comment
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Achievements in Competitive TF2
Right now:
ETF2L 6v6 Tier Prem S24 - LFT
ETF2L 9v9 Tier Prem S10 - Strong Opinions(Soldier)
ETF2L 6v6 Nations Cup - Austria(Medic/Soldier)
ETF2L 9v9 Nations Cup - Austria(Soldier)

ETF2L Season 14 Divison 6D - Dark Scorpions(Pocket)
ETF2L Season 15 Divison 6G - Vier Green(Pocket)
ETF2L Season 15 Divison 6F - Fuck me Tenderly(Scout)
ETF2L Season 16 Divison 4E - Sad Men(Roamer/Pocket)
ETF2L Season 17 Division 4E - Stinson´s Funky Town Monkey Pimps
ETF2L Season 18 Divison 6N - Mosby-Boys....und Diz(Demo)
ETF2L Season 19 Divison 3C - unoriginal eSport (Roamer)
ETF2L Season 20 Tier High - unoriginal eSport (Roamer)
ETF2L Season 21 Tier High - Team Ja! (Roamer)
ETF2L Season 22 Tier High - Merc for Professional Disney Fangirls and Peril Puppies
ETF2L Season 23 Tier Prem - Planet Express (Medic)

UGC Season 12 Europe Platinum - Love me Tenderly(Roamer)
UGC Season 15 Europe Platinum - Love me Tenderly(Roamer)
UGC Season 18 Europe Platinum - Capri-Sun Enthusiasts(Pocket)

Highlander Butt4cake Tournament - Dark Scorpions(Spy)
ETF2L Season 4 Divison 5D - The Joke's On Us(Spy)
ETF2L Season 5 Divison 4B - The Dugong SuperSquad (Spy)
ETF2L Season 6 Divison 2 - The Dugong SuperSquad (Soldier)
ETF2L Season 7 Division 4A - TC:Storm(Engineer)
ETF2L Season 8 Tier High - Strong Opinions(Soldier)
ETF2L Season 9 Tier Prem - Strong Opinions(Soldier)

UGC Season 11 Silver - The Dugong SuperSquad (Spy)
UGC Season 12 Gold - The IRL Wizzy's (Soldier)
UGC Season 14 Gold - TC:Storm(Engineer)
UGC Season 15 Silver - Doctors of Mediocrity(Allrounder)
UGC Season 16 Platinum - Strong Opinions(Soldier)
UGC Season 17 Platinum - checkers(Soldier)
UGC Season 18 Platinum - Strong Opinions(Soldier)

Team Austria:
6v6 Nations Cup #5(Roamer)
9v9 Nations Cup #3(Spy)
9v9 Nations Cup #4(Soldier)

One of the best Ultiduo Medics out there... just saying :3
Deagle ♥ M 22 hours ago 
Best medic :olgas_diamond:
Лучший медик :olgas_diamond:
beste medic :olgas_diamond:
najlepszy lekarz :olgas_diamond:
bästa medic :olgas_diamond:
76561198316344158 Trade Banned Apr 11 @ 12:17am 
added for trade
Nooldes Mar 25 @ 2:43am 
wowie sure wish Raptor can say something on my profile:brownchicken:
AGEN3 Mar 20 @ 5:20pm 
Just missclicked. Sorry for the friend request
Crevettes au Soja 🦐 Mar 1 @ 5:08pm 
Hi, do you sign weapons? I would really you to sign my medigun :)
meani Feb 21 @ 11:12am 
wann kommt das comeback von aF?