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unless I've met you and remember you, without commenting requests will be declined.

Words to live by
Cut the ripcord...
Don't look back.
Burn the bridges down!
Grab the handle...
Clench your fist.
Beat the bastards down!

Accept - Beat the Bastards

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Some TF2 shit
I main Soldier.
I kinda "submain" Demoman.
I also play alot of Medic and Scout.

If you're wondering why I declined your request;
well the reasons could be
1. you're a cunt
2. you're an irani spy
3. you listen to rap frequently
4. you didnt comment, fucking retard. it's right there in bigass blue letters.
5. you're a cunt
6. yes

Useless knowledge
I was born on september 1st, 2003.
I listen to various genres of Metal, with my favorite bands including Slipknot, Mayhem, Avenged Sevenfold, Rammstein and Turisas.
Call me gay, but I'm obsessed with Star Wars.
To avoid c o n f u s i o n , I'm not trans, gay, bi, furry, brony or any of that. I'm straight and edgy. That's it.
Some consider me toxic, if that's what it takes to be entertained I can't be bothered. I'm most of the time up for a talk, just don't try to when I'm not.
That's about it.
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World's largest TF2 League!
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I can't explain how fucking much I NEED a furry body!
I can't explain how fucking much I NEED a furry body!

I need to have a cute folf licking my thick musky sheath. I need to hear him whining as he gently sucks on my tip and slides his tongue down into my sheath. I need to feel him lick all around my quickly hardening knot as my shaft extends into his hot mouth. I need to pet his fluffy head and ears as I drip pre into his throat, getting fully hard and gently thrusting my tip against the back of his throat. I need to push my fat red knot itself into his mouth, getting even harder and thicker with each hard thrust as I speed up, my heavy balls aching for release as they clap against his chin. I need to fuck his throat, mercilessly pounding down it as I moan and whine. I need to gag him as I bury my cock in his throat, pressing his snout into my soft musky crotch as I shoot my hot load directly down his throat and howl in pleasure. I need to pull my cock out and continue squirting onto his face, licking it up and barely letting him get a breather before I push my tongue into his mouth, tasting myself and licking all around his tongue. I need to hold his hot body tight against me, his wet tip pressing against mine as I get hard again. I need to rub our knots into each other's bellies, getting them damp. I need to hold the back of his head and rub his back as I kiss him deeply.

I need to wet my fingers and slide my hands down his back, tickling his tight warm hole. I need to slide my wet fingers gently into him, hearing him moan softly as I press them deeper. I need to stroke our wet, red, throbbing knots together, us both whining and moaning as we drip pre over each other. I need to lay him down and lick all over his body, down to his balls, teasing him by gently sucking and licking them, absorbing his taste and smell. I need to lick down to his hot tailhole, snaking my tongue inside, licking around in circles as I hear his lovely moans and purrs. I need to press my tongue deeper and savor his body as I paw off. I need to push my tongue completely inside, rubbing his dripping knot as I take my tongue out and lay on top of him. I need to feel my wet tip slowly slide into his tight, hot, welcoming tailhole. I need to feel his walls tighten around my shaft and my knot press against his hole as I push all the way in. I need to pump slowly completely in and out of him as we both whine and moan. I need to bend over and kiss him deeply as I speed up, our moans muffled. I need to thrust harder and faster as I hold him tight and lick his face wildly, growling and whining as I do so. I need to feel the pressure build in my groin and my knot get thicker with each rough thrust, completely inside him.

I need to fuck him harder and harder until my knot begins sliding in bit by bit, deeper with each thrust. I need to feel my scruffy, fuzzy balls slapping against the base of his tail as I slide my knot in with each thrust and wrap my arms tightly around him as I fuck him as hard and fast as I can, stretching his tight hole with each thrust. I need to feel my throbbing, wet, red knot slam deep into him, growing incredibly thick, locking in as I explode inside him, filling him with a huge, hot load as I lay in perfect bliss against his panting, shaking body, his cum shooting against my chest and stomach as I throb and pump my cum deep inside him. I need us to howl in pleasure as we lay so perfectly connected. I need to look deep into his eyes as I nibble and lick his neck and pant.

I need to lay against him as we embrace and lick all over each other, unable to truly express how much we love each other. I need to kiss him deeply, licking all around his mouth and tasting him as much as I can before I wrap my tongue around his and softly moan into our kiss. I need to wind down, worn out, just laying against his warm body as we both whine and continue licking each other. I need to cuddle him tight, nuzzling his neck and drift away still locked in his warm tailhole, and soft silky fur.
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haha ur ez
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3,163 Hours played
helo men it me!

so tis game very fun ant i play for long tim. like 50 hour! and is good game cuz you cna playe as scoit, solder, pyro, demomen, enignerr, medik, sniaper and the berst class solder cuz he have rocket lauchner that does boom boom an then you can aslo airshoot like FORYO blaze (he am my favorite : D

and aslo yo can rokcet jump when solder so you fly fery far awey!! lieke soundsmith youtubeber!
solder also ahve shootgun but gunboots are beter so yuo can rocket jump many far and pley roomer in cpomeptitetive! (dont rocke t jump in really life you die! :O)

but dis men called Pizza (haha it avctually pizzi but i say pizza cause he am italie) he say solder only splash but he is so nub cuz solder aslo rocket jump and direc t airhsoot and he think dmeomen is best class but he am so noob!! if oyu see pizza say he am noob ok?!

bye men I go bed now its 8 oklok!
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Holy fuck I just played with ShaDowBurn!
3 1
2dayyy 1 hour ago 
hahaahah so funny hahahahah i can't breath
Mossybut 12 hours ago 
-rep-rep-rep he watches furry he smahhsh horse. His reddioter he brows reddit and laugh. he r/ woosohs you guys if you don't understanddd he's joke. r/wooshs I'm funny dx
2dayyy 23 hours ago 
imagine speaking dutch
My USP-S is a Nerf Jolt Jul 20 @ 12:14am 
rake is furry confirmed?
omicron Jul 16 @ 12:57pm 
je moet niet stoer doen
scrambled Jul 16 @ 7:50am