Taxidermy Loon
Joshua Burda   Carmel, Indiana, United States
|UDG| Wikia Editor, Puzzle Pirates Yppedia editor, and Sole Savior of the World in MATC's 2018 Dystopian Disaster Escape Room (You bet your ass I'm proud of that)

I know you would rather die
Than grow into his clothes
(Nicole Dollanganger - Snow)

Current image: A Loon

Player, do you believe in God? (Line 847) []

if I don't talk to you for an extended period of time, it's probably because I'm working on my degree or enjoying my free time. Feel free to talk any time I'm online.

>As of 1/29/18, if you are friends with Ifihadaheart, attempt to coerce me to speaking with him, refriending him, and/or unblocking him, or the action of relaying messages from him, you will be blocked IMMEDIATELY. I'm done with this petty shit, so don't even waste your time waiting 5 days after worming my friends list then asking me. You should fucking know I'm not saying yes anymore. However, if you are not friending me because of Heart and are friends with Heart, please comment down below (last update 1/29/17 10:35 AM CST)
"Some will be missed, many will not"
- Casual Jerry

I'm just someone who has a minor obsession with the sun and moon.
My hobbies are Locksmithing(Mainly picksport), coding, story writing, 3d modeling, animation, singing, instrument (Midi piano and guitar) playing, composing, fishing, drawing, and White Hat Cyber Security, Though I'm not good at any of the above.

Best Bro
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Lune's Document of Consolidation (Shows what games I play on what names)

Discord servers in which I was slain with a flail:
Talon's Drunken Pirates: Debating an admin about the Discord guidelines, posting topic related images in general. (You're still cool, Talon!)
Esteemed Innovation: Pissing off DivineAspect by using the phrase "Donaldarutrumparu" in a political discourse channel and thus being labeled a fascist.
Flaxbeard's steam power: DivineAspect was admin of this server too.
ChaosOutlaws ([COʟ]): Owner was a sensitive boy and couldn't take criticism.
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Taxidermy Loon Jul 4 @ 2:09pm 
black man outside of mcd Jul 4 @ 1:27pm 
lmao salty boy cryyy sad nigger boy is dead, ezzzz
Taxidermy Loon Jul 3 @ 10:32pm 
Hey man you used to be singing Fuck Love sometimes when playing DBD. Not my problem if you hate him now.
black man outside of mcd Jul 3 @ 10:00pm 
Lul cry xxxsadnigboy is dead.
Taxidermy Loon Jul 1 @ 10:45pm 
btw, xxxTentacion's not that bad.
Taxidermy Loon Jul 1 @ 10:42pm 
Meh, whatever.
I wish we could've been better friends. Would've been cool to trek up to see someone I met.