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--- Welcome to the Engineer's Hideout ---

Well obviously, I like engineering, hence the title, and I'm a Brony, not gay if that's what you're thinking. I've been on steam for the past seven years and have done quite a few things, lots of Gmod and stuff like that, I've made a small history for myself here, lets take a look shall we?


I might aswell include some quotes here.
'Everyone turn and run he's landing' - basically everyone in 2PWRR as I'm now known for shoddy landings in anything but the Chinook.
'How did you manage to crash mine and your games by loading a HEAT shell?' - VeryFatPigeon while we were playing Men of War Assult Squad 2, I loaded HEAT and everything broke.
'The sky is purple.' - VeryFatPigeon while we were playing Salt, his lighting was broken.
Those are all good ones for now.

----------------------------------------------------------Gmod Stuff----------------------------------------------------------

I love ACF, so much is included in it that I would love to do in real life but some is a little extreme to do there so why not do it in a game! Building anything to your hearts content with engines, gearboxes and the like, hell, lets strap a 200mm mortar to this car, and why not add a pulsejet too! This is why I'm part of realbuilders, having recently come back up, I can finally go back on a server that i can battle with someone in a tank that I built, custom or based on another. Sadly due to a recent reset I had to do, I've lost all of my Gmod dupes in Adv. Dupe 2, I'm slowly rebuilding though and better than before!
Also, Gbombs is very fun, nuking stuff with some friends on a local host we create is beautful.

----------------------------------------------------------Arma Stuff-----------------------------------------------------------

I play Arma 3 mainly with friends in a milsim, mostly run by Callsign_RABBIT and Hekkie, I started out with one made by those two and it grew on me, also I had bought Arma 3 just for these as I loved Arma 2 so much, anyway here are the milsims as of so far:

2SCOTS - 2nd Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers - Closed

4/1 - 4th Infantry 1st Battalion - Closed

45 Cdo's RM - 45th Royal Marine Commando's - Closed

2CDS - No. 2 Company Coldtream Guards - Closed

SBS - Special Boat Service - Never truly joined it but was there for a small time - Closed

2PWRR - 2 Princess of Wales Royal Regiment - Closed

2.PzD - 2nd Panzer Division - Open

NRF - NATO Response Force - Closed due to technical issues with Martin, the leader

1 GREN - 1 Grenadier Guards - Closed, Martin fucked it again

22 SAS - 22 Special Air Service - Closed, Blame Martin and some others

2/4 USMC - 2/4 US Marine Corps - Closed, Martin's at it again

40RM - 40 Royal Marines - Closed, Martin quickly changed the unit and I quit it fast.

10 SFG - 10th Special Forces Group - Open, Another unit change by Martin, I stayed for a short while, about a week, mostly due to second in command below Martin, not naming names. *

I am currently active in nothing at the moment.

* Expanding on the 10 SFG, I basically did not feel as though I would get along with the second in command, felt like a rules for thee and not for me situation, fuck that.

------------------------------------------------------War Thunder Stuff-----------------------------------------------------

Obviously, I play War Thunder and have done since late 2012, I've reached jets in Britain and the overall experience is not all people think it is as of right now, Ganjin as i call 'em now has lost interest in supporting and developing the air side for now and has looked towards where their money is coming in, tanks with its painful grind. I still enjoy the game though and have been in some squadrons meeting many friends who I now speak to almost daily such as VeryFatPigeion and Callsign_RABBIT to name a few.

-RAF46- Now closed, I met VeryFatPigeon and Callsign_RABBIT there, introduced to the squadron by a friend who has since cut ties with me or anyone from the squadron, I worked my way up and merged the squadron to save it from death as the former leader. Callsign_RABBIT was the original leader, but he went on holiday to find there was no activity and we were having issues with teamspeak. A new discord was created, although the old one was still up at this time but abandoned and still is to this day, lead by Doom (I cant remember his full name as he has cut ties with everyone who was part of the former squadron). He was very good but suddenly left with no trace, I was the deputy and was going to assume control but GbDuck was faster, although not a deputy at all, he run it unsuccessufully and eventually handed over to me, leaving for the newly created -INDEX-, I run it for a while longer but after about a week, I announced a merge and we merged into -INDEX-

-INDEX- Now closed, This is the very squadron that I merged -RAF46- into and I continued as a high rank because of my previous state, this was lead by Callsign_RABBIT also, but this squadron eventually lost traction and due to a small incident, I with others announced another merge to allow the squadron to stay alive. This squadron did not last as long as -RAF46- but did do well still for the time it was up.

-Helll- The Devils Company Open, This is the merging squadron that -INDEX_ went into in the end, This squadron brought back some old members that we could gather up from the past squadrons, especially from the -RAF46- teamspeak as many members from there were found. This squadron was doing well but I've grown tired of it now and so has many other original -RAF46- members. Although Noobderp is the leader and has been from the start, being an old -RAF46- member that came back in -INDEX-, he branched off because of a small incident between him and Callsign_RABBIT. I had met more people here but many were from -INDEX-. This sqadron is now loosing traction, although hosting squadron battles every Saturday, that is all that keeps it active. There is a reason for old members to be tired though, the deputy is a prick, arrogant and puts others down because someone was giving anything negative at the slightest in his friendzone. It happened to me and others. Many members are good though but I do not see this Squadron lasting much longer at this rate, no-one is being active anymore, and I don't know what todo even though I am online all of the time.

Update on The Devils Company, things have changed, the deputy has changed attitude as the guy he defended all that time ago when I had written this showed his true colours, I will not mention names, but the deputy has redeemed himself and the defended guy became an annoyance to the squadron, left us in spite, made a new squadron, came back to our discord to harass us a bit more and annoy us, he has been banned now and is in my block list. A few guys I know are no longer part of the squadron, but still in the discord as a friend of the community. I might be doing the same in the near future as I play War Thunder less and less now.

Things have changed again in Devils Company, I'm a sergent, and the squadron has gotten better, we play more Squadron Battles and even World War, which is why I am a sergent. The Squadron itself has gotten to roughly 150th in the leaderboard which is fantastic, I still don't play a whopping amount but do come on more now.


Well, this is the end, lots of typing and large chunks of information. I hope this gives some info about me and what I have done over the past few years, I'm sure that if you want to play anything with me, I'll gladly do it. I'm fra

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Indira Gandhi Aug 19, 2018 @ 9:51am 
Ye. Told the whole bloody history of Games he had ranked 1. Lmao. :insfist::UnionJackFlag:
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Flatgrass Construct & Northern, It's just a group I'm part of.
Indira Gandhi Mar 24, 2018 @ 2:34am 
What doo FC & N stand for?
Indira Gandhi Mar 16, 2018 @ 6:08am 
[W-G] SIR.RAINBOW-VOMIT Mar 2, 2018 @ 5:54am 
i got the steam edition only a short period ago, ive had war thunder for years, that is why, my account has a record of everything
Indira Gandhi Mar 2, 2018 @ 5:28am 
I have 134 hrs on rec but I have 13 achievements. HOW?:steamsad: