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Hello! and welcome to my profile! Feel free to call me Raine,

Theres another thing I like to keep my friends list atleast under 75 I don't like having over 400+ friends like everyone has, So if i remove you from my friends list I am trying to clear out my friends list.

The most people I remove from my friends list is, Friends I no longer talk to,
Friends that are little too creepy for my taste, Friends that pissed me off recently and those I randomly met but never talked to.

If I happen to remove you under one of these things I apologize
Here are some facts/things about me!

Fandom I am currently apart of: None?
Name: Raine
Middle Name: Keid (Changed 3/14/18)
Last Name: Wilde
Age: 17
Relationship Status: Single
Date of birth:??/??/??
Bloodtype: Unknown, Get that needle away from me!
Hobbies: Map editing (Gmod) Singing, Voice Acting?
Favorite Games: Binding of isaac Rebirth, Garry's mod Quake 1 Don't Starve Together
Types of games I dislike: Future-like games, Pvp games
Types of games I like: Open-world games, Sandbox games, Survival games, Horror games Great-soundtrack games
Music Genres: Rock and Speedcore/Extratone

🏆My Gaming Stats
First ever game on steam: Garry's mod
Currently Offline
Last Online 7 hrs, 4 mins ago
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2,958 hrs on record
last played on Sep 22
705 hrs on record
last played on Sep 21
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last played on Sep 21
CAPAFOOL Aug 29 @ 8:24am 
GG, Good wraith
RaineKeidWilde.TTV Aug 14 @ 12:46am 
If trapper could spawn with all traps and place them around at any time. While having to go back and retrieve them and instead of having to run around.or further increase how fast he can set bear traps.
AtomicShockwave Aug 14 @ 12:05am 
Trapper just takes good placement and mobility. Like KS and meat tree. Common loops like that where survivors crutch upon. I personally feel though I couldn't get into playing trapper too much though. I play for fun and trapper doesn't really have what I'm looking for.
RaineKeidWilde.TTV Aug 13 @ 11:18pm 
Wraith is great for deviousness. I used to play Trapper 24/7 and never got any points for doing in devousiness because noone ever stepped in my traps. switched to other killers like Doctor or someone who relies on their power alot
AtomicShockwave Aug 13 @ 11:01pm 
Thanks! And I was just making sure! You can get crazy amounts of points if you play 'right'. Killers are crazy good for BP whether you let them live or not. I personally play Wraith for a ton of Deviousness and Brutality BP. Along with surprising people is funny in itself.
RaineKeidWilde.TTV Aug 13 @ 10:19pm 
I know. I've found that out a long time ago heh. Nice PFP btw
But in general you wanna prolong it as long as possible or if you're too good against.... Questionable survivors just play bad or go afk for a while. No offense heh...