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20/She/He/They//NB//   Massachusetts, United States
Everything Sucks Forever
"I got your emotions tattooed on my sleeve, I think about you all the time, I've waited for you all my life, I need you right here by my side."
- Kevin Abstract, Empty
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Video Game Hater and Joke Expert
P O W E R ~ B O T T O M

Heyo, resident trash mammal here.

Me: small, furry, queer, enby, loves boys in all forms.

Steam name is either Chiri or Rai, seldom anything else.

I got two moods:
1. I eat ass
2. I am an ass

Throw me that add if you think I'm cute/cool/both.

Give me compliments and I'll hug you.

Novelty: You're being too gay for me right now.
Novelty: Stop being gay.

Jarc: My ancestors are looking Nordic as fuck
Jarc: Can you say the same

"When you're an amputee suitcase, you really have nothing going for you" - Says Man With Limbs

"Love thy neighbor, but love thy neighbor's son more" - E3 2018 Commentary

"Anyone else a fertile bottom waiting to be fertilized?" Cursed Blessed Phrase

"Gape Nation Yall" - Popper Enthusiast

"Either take the plug out of my dick or I'm wearing the diaper again" - Sleepover Arguments

"I've been knuckle-deep in this Elf child for 3 seasons" - Vermintide Status

Check out what music I listen to since I'm basically always listening if I'm awake http://www.last.fm/user/SpicyChainsaw

Current Profile Pic Source [gutter-bunny-art.tumblr.com]

Games I play

Tabletop: I'm putting this first since I put a lot of time, effort, and energy into this stuff. I've been playing or at least messing around with D&D and tabletop RPGs for over 6 years now and it's consistently some of the best fun I've had, period. I currently DM a homebrewed high magic campaign in a heavily modified 5e. I also occasionaly play in the Real Life™. I have a bunch of notepads and actual notebooks full of crazy NPCs, magic theories, plot points, and a lot of other stuff that sometimes never gets used but it's fun to do anyway. Point is, if you're crazy cool like me and wanna talk about fantasy stuff like this I've got plenty to talk about, and if you actually wanna play some tabletop stuff like this I'm way more than willing. I've even been the one to introduce a majority of the people I play with to D&D and others, so don't worry if you're new. It's easy... and fun... please...

PC: Time for video games. I'm on Steam a lot and I play PC games waaaay more than the consoles I own now, but that said I sometimes go a few weeks without playing much of anything. When I do play something, I usually play Dota 2 , Dead by Daylight , or random single player games, but you might catch me playing a flavor of the week if friends dragged me into it. If you wanna play something specific with me just ask and hopefully my weird mood will line up right and we can game.

Battle.net name: Chiri#11577

Also here are my Specs:
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 6500 @ 3.20GHz
RAM: 8.00GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1064MHz
Graphics: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Storage: 232GB Samsung SSD 750 EVO 250GB and 2TB Western Digital HDD

Consoles: I have a PS3 , PS4 , PS Vita , and 3DS that are sitting next to me and are used not often but still sometimes.


Warning???: You only gotta read this stuff if you want to. If you're not a furry and don't care about this stuff don't worry, I only talk about this stuff if someone wants to. I can talk about normal stuff too ya know, but I am a furry so I got sonas. Two to be exact.

Rai: Personality is mostly a reflection of me at baseline. Lots of jokes, but random flip-flops for mood.
Nothing hits any extreme though, that's for Chiri.
Is also mega gay.

Age: Same as me
Species: Fluffy, small, housecat
Gender: NB, he/she/they all O K. Default is masculine if you need something though
Fur: Black with purple bangs and tail tip
Clothes: Dark colors usually, sometimes pinks and purples
Tank tops, tight hoodies, turtlenecks for tops and tight shorts or skinny jeans for bottoms

Chiri: Personality is the extremes of my mood. Sometimes all smiles and tries to help other do the same, sometimes very self destructive.
Both Chiri and Rai are unstable emotionally to reflect my own struggles with mental illness.
Chiri, however, is allowed to embody the extreme swings because she fits it much better.

Age: Same as me
Species: Opossum
Gender: NB is more comfortable to put here, but prefer feminine
Also: Since you got this far I'll put this in the middle here since it's personal
So: What's in Chiri's and Rai's pants is something I'll tell you if we're good friends
Clothes: Usually pajamas if allowed, otherwise wears cheap stuff she found on clearance
Flannels, reference t-shirts, and comfy hoodies for tops
Skirts with high socks, skinny jeans, or sweatpants for bottoms
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floob Sep 10 @ 7:55pm 
she say do u wuv me uwu

i tell her x3 im a foxy~ OwO

I onwy wuv my YIFF :3c

and my doggy >w<

im sowwy <33
MORViD друг Aug 26 @ 12:59am 
WARNING: This fertile bottom has been claimed by the♥♥♥♥♥♥♥silverback of steam, any and all person(s) attempting to fertilize will be detained.
snickerdoodle Aug 16 @ 8:23pm 
cool profile
Gene Jul 3 @ 12:31pm 
We must now dig this retard a giggle pit for his soul to rest in, then we can have a diggle fit in his giggle pit, then we can roll him over and ♥♥♥♥ him in the giggle pit.
Luftspace Jun 13 @ 2:54pm 
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