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I'm finally going to take the time to write my review. I've played through a good amount of gameplay.

I will start by saying that as much as a lot of people have hate for Bandai Namco I have a lot of love for what they've brought to us. They have published some of my favorite series of all time. It's such a shame that they are so new to standards for PC and have trouble catering to western audiences. I can only hope that in the future they learn what it is western fans of their games are looking for.

With that out of the way. Lets talk about the game itself.

+Faithful recreation of fighters from DBZ.
O right down to how they attack and their arsenals
+Good level layouts
+Non-intrustive multiplayer functions
+Good DBZ roster
O even some of my favorites like Nail make an appearance
+Lots of variety in how you can fight and how you can dodge.
O you can choose to take brute force hits to the face and guard through them all like Recoome or Naapa
O or use lots of fast vanishing side steps or teleportation like goku and most saiyans
+Better story than the original and honestly prob the best storyline in a dbz game

-Bad recreation of anything outside of DBZ
O Zero existance of dragonball move sets or characters.
O Poor GT selection
O Super too new so super roster is lacking. Future Trunks missing newest powers and black goku not able to go rose.
O Movie characters missing and existing ones having big misses for no reason. Giant nameks are now a thing but yet Lord Slug is a known giant namek and cannot transform.
-Bad destructable environments.
O Cool effects when you use a power but than they quickly disappear. Barley anything blows up.
O No planet killer effects. No blowing up fighters with ultimate finishes.
-Lack of a sense of character growth
O Because dragonball is missing you don't get the same sense of growth that the series itself had from goku starting as a small child with no powers to becoming a legend. Your character sort of instantly goes from struggling with the ginyu force to besting full powered frieza.
-Unfortunate missed opportunites for varied fighting styles for Created Characters. You can't choose how you want to fight to make your style more like your favorite fighters.
-Story while good in DBZ standards is still really poor. Story is barley there and serves as mostly a hinderance to gameplay rather than as an interesting motivation to see more of the game.
-Roster still quite small in comparison to Tenkiachi 3 from long ago

The con list may seem longer but it's only to accurately explain the complaints I did have with the game. This is still one of the best DBZ games in a long long time. It is a ton of fun to play especially so if all you care about is DBZ and don't care about any of the other Dragon Ball series. Creating a character in this game is better than any other DBZ game out there. And there is a lot too it even if there are some parts still missing. It's fun to style your character exactly as you imagine yourself. There still though isn't a whole lot more in this game compared to the first, but it is better in every way even if in some areas only short gains were made.

Hopefully this will go the same way the other trifecta series have gone in the past. Budokai 3 and tenkiachi 3 were masterpieces that combined and built upon the previous two games in their respective series. Vastly superior to their prequels. Time will tell if Dimps can pull off another DBZ game for the ages in the third installment.

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