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Clacker: I'm pretty sure you can't just go out and sell your semen and you're not going to prove me wrong, you're just going to get arrested

Rawzen: if you hit a foreigner hard enough in the back of the head they factory reset and start speaking english

i reset my hours in 2015 for some reason so dont look at my stats ever.

It's just not impressive when someone is good at pyro. So what if you even miss with the flare? They're going to die from the fire damage anyway.
Pyro is a cheap fucking class that it takes absolutely no skill to play, just run around like a retard holding down left mouse button. A good pyro has way more utility and capabilities than any other class in the game, from multiple ways to get full crits, to healing, to faster weapon switch, to long distance ignition, to melee crits on ignited enemies, to extinguishing allies, to simply knocking people away out of range if they don't feel like meleeing right now.

Pyro is fucking dumb, fucking broken, and is the trademark tool for the retards in TF2 who can't play the actually good, actually challenging classes worth a damned shit.

Here is where the garbage lies

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irl human embodiment of dissapointment

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