[C-F] RWLewis2nd
Richard Lewis   Palm Coast, Florida, United States
I'm a retired, older gamer.

I don't chat very often as I don't want to tie anyone up in chat and feel like I'm keeping them from their gaming. I generally will not contact anyone while they are in-game, and I try to never "overstay my welcome" when I do chat.

I don't just randomly send friend requests. If you receive a friend request from me, there is a definite reason for it, and I would like to have you on my friend's list. (Also, I NEVER send friend requests for trading purposes)

I will not accept friend requests from anyone who has VAC bans on record. If you wish to cheat and ruin the gaming experience for the rest of us, I want absolutely nothing to do with you. Instead of cheating, have your mother change your diaper, then go clean your room. Also, if you are sending a friend request for a phishing attempt, don't even bother - I carefully scrutinize all friend requests for VAC bans, trade bans, Steam level, privacy settings, etc. I never click on links within chat, and I'm very familiar with the latest phishing methods. (I do realize that phishers probably won't take the time to read this, and with their mentality they are probably incapable of reading anyway)

Many have asked, so...If you are adding me to your friend's list just to ask for my TF2 HOUWAR, sorry, I wish to keep mine, and I will never part with it. But, if you have $10,000.00 US to spare, that might be a different story. :-)

I generally don't do much trading as trading just doesn't appeal to me, and I seldom have anything I can trade anyway. And NO, I will not buy you games!

Well, that's Top Secret - Not even I know what I do! :-)

Astronomy, Astrophysics, Archery, Bowhunting, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Flying, Fountain Pens - Use/Collecting/Repair/Restoration, Metal Detecting, Numismatics, PC Gaming, R/C Aircraft and Aeromodeling, Books, Writing

And, if you read all that above and got this far... you're awesome!
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