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Havinier and Julia

It was a normal day for Havinier and Julia. Casually slaughtering people while cheerfully jumping around. Until a German Spy kidnapped Julia. Julia was skipping down the street with her golden locks flowing behind her. The Spy reached out and grabbed her leg. He pulled her down and dragged her into a bush. She tried to scream through her pyro mask, but failed because a tree branch stabbed her nose.

The German Spy put her in a bag and tip toes into his clubhaus. Havinier was worried about her. He started to skip down the path she was on. When he reached her bush, he found a boot. It looked like a nazi boot. He sniffed it.

"OOHOOHOHOHOOOHOO...!!" Havinier moaned.

He was pleased by this new smell. Havinier gave it another whiff. Then, he smelled the smell by a bush. He follows it.

He smelled Julia. He decided to smell both. He found the German ClubHaus. He entered through the space under the door. He followed the scent until he could only smell the savory boots.

Then he saw Julia. She was being tied up by German Spy.

"HEY! You! Give me my bootiflol Julia back you little chump!" He shouted through the muffleness.

Spy was smirking. "As if. I have stolen Diego's teleporting Wrench. GERMAN SPY.. AWAY!!" Spy poofed out of the room with Julia. Havinier was furious.

Havinier went to find Diego. He searched throughout the entire base, and finally, he did.

"Diego! There you are.. What happened?" Havinier asked.
"The German Spy killed my family. I cried and gave him my wrench." Diego whimpered
Havinier left the room and found Julia laying next to German Spy.

"Julia.. Why..?" Diego asked in frightened way.

"I am in love with Spy. He understands me more than you do, Havinier." Julia exclaimed. Havinier was fuming with rage. He grabbed his flamethrower and burned both Spy and Julia into a fine crisp. If he couldn't have Julia, no one can.

He left the building with Diego and Julia's corpse. Then, he buried Julia's corpse, after twerking with her one last time.

"I'm sorry Julia. That Spy was in love with you. And now, we can be together forever." Havinier killed himself, and dropped his body onto Julia's with his final breath.

He will always be Julia's loyal Havinier.

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