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RED LVLUP service
!help : This command show list of all commands.

!level [desired level] : This command will check how many keys you need to reach your desired level (doesn't go above 1337).

!check : This command checks your badges to see how many sets you are able to buy currently. Please make sure that you have crafted all of your sets before you send the bot this command.

!buy [amount of keys] : This command allows you to buy sets which you can still craft for your specified amount of keys.

!buyany [amount of keys] : This command allows you to buy any sets (also which you have already crafted) for your specified amount of keys.

!sellcheck : This command check how many sets you are able to sell.

!sell [amount of keys] : This command allow you to sell sets, instead of them you get specified amout of keys.


Bot sends me sets that I already have. It`s a scam?
No, it`s not scam, you just bought sets several times or already had similar sets in inventory and didn`t craft them. BOT CHECK ONLY BADGES NOT YOUR INVENTORY!

Can I craft badge for games I do not own?

Will I receive sets that I already crafted?
No, the bot will check your badges and only trade you sets that you never crafted.
However, you may use the !buyany command to buy sets that have been crafted.

Why i cant trade with bot?
Make sure your profile is not private and no trade hold on it.

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