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Stouty #BullyHunter Apr 11 @ 12:45pm 
what are you gunna get for my birthday
Chase Apr 10 @ 8:38am 
My mom is cool and my mom will treat you right
Stouty #BullyHunter Apr 4 @ 6:40am 
You're gunna lick it clean, and you're gunna keep it hahhd
sombo Mar 24 @ 12:05pm 
Look, I'm a simple guy. I like simple things, like building with LEGO and raw dogging my gorgeous black wife. But there are things I simply cannot abide. Two things, in fact. 1) Wearing a condom when I make aggressive, passionate love to my gorgeous black wife and 2) the price of LEGO Star Wars model number 75199 (General Grevious' Combat Speeder). Don't get me wrong, the Mace Windu and General Grevious minifigures are top notch, and sex with my gorgeous black wife is incredible, even with a condom. But the size of the model in no way justifies the $29.99 price point, and even the thinnest contraceptive device reduces the enjoyment of my gorgeous black wife's sleek ebony vagina by an unacceptable margin. I would willingly buy the set just for the figures, and I love my gorgeous black wife more than anything in the world, but until the price is more reasonable and I can safely make love to her without a condom, it's simply not realistic. Regards, Django
jml Mar 18 @ 2:32pm 
These guys had no skill to be honest, there was one reverse rainbow attempt at all... try again vs some high quality players like TheColonialStar or Teripper
[1CR] Turin Turambar Mar 12 @ 9:42pm 
I fought against him only twice in a to game of dark forest. I was defending the narrow flanking path to C in the last objective on my own. He was the only enemy there and quite intimidating-looking with his dreadnought armor and pink helmet.. also I knew who he was. I expected a rather normal duel start but he pulled of all the tricks right away and killed me pretty easily because I wasn't expecting that. I could respawn instantly, though, fought him again and did the same to him which surprised him obviously because he couldn't parry even one of my strikes... and ran away. I was really angry at a teammate who crushed his skull with a polehammer while he was chickening out haha. No offense, but that was really funny. :P Seeing these videos feels kind of strange to me because he knows so much that it makes me wonder how I could make him impersonate Brave Sir Robin back then. ;)