Richard Koning   Netherlands
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Richard "R4WRCH1CK3N" Koning


Multiplay i41 LAN With -|MOD|-Reflex #Pro-HL.com----------------------(UK)----------------- #30th
Multiplay i42 LAN With -|MOD|-Reflex #Pro-HL.com----------------------(UK)----------------- #26th
Multiplay i44 LAN With -|MOD|-Reflex #Pro-HL.com----------------------(UK)----------------- #13th
Multiplay i47 LAN With -|MOD|-MiNiSTRY #Pro-HL.com----------------(UK)----------------- #9th
Multiplay i48 LAN With -|MOD|-MiNiSTRY #Pro-HL.com----------------(UK)----------------- #5/6th
Multiplay i50 LAN With -|MOD|-MiNiSTRY #Pro-HL.com----------------(UK)----------------- #7/8th
Multiplay i56 LAN With -|MOD|-MiNiSTRY #Pro-HL.com----------------(UK)----------------- #13/16th
epic.cssFIVE LAN With -|MOD|-Reflex #Pro-HL.com--------------------(UK)----------------- #14th
The-Party 10 LAN With Team-Winrar.eu---------------------------------------(NL)----------------- #4th
The-Party 11 LAN With DoubleDutchdragons--------------------------------(NL)----------------- #2nd
FoMcsgo15.0 LAN With mixteam------------------------------------------------(BE)----------------- #9-16th
FoMcsgo15.1 LAN With ECVisualize-------------------------------------------(BE)----------------- #13-16th
FoMcsgo16.2 LAN With Cortex---------------------------------------------------(BE)----------------- #18/26th


EMS CS:S Season IX With Five Warriors EMS
EMS CS:S Season X With Five Warriors EMS
EMS CS:GO Season I With Five Warriors EMS


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Resolution - 1920 x 1080 24'' benQ Monitor
Crosshair Size - 1
Crosshair Colour - blue
Sensitivity - 2.8 (3.0 CS:GO)
Windows Sens - 6/11
Mouse DPI - 400
Zoom sens ratio - 1.2 (1.4 CS:GO)
Mousefix - OFF


Headset: Steelseries siberia V2 frost Blue
Mouse - Zowie FK2
Mousepad: Steelseries QcK+
Keyboard: Logitech G510
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7800
RAM: 12,00 GBDDR3
Soundcard: DEFAULT

Launch Options

-dxlevel 81 -nofocemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -w 1920 -h 1080 -console -novid


Once I removed you off my friendslist, it is because we either never talked or never mixed together. Since my friendslist is beginning to fill itself to the max. I'd rather keep talking people in my list instead of non talking people. This is the reason why you were probbably removed in the first place! If you would like to add me again please leave a comment below and I will see what I will do!


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✪ RiK Jan 17 @ 9:01am 
Added for team! :)
eddie Aug 18, 2017 @ 2:21pm 
SORRY BUT IM DELETING YOU FROM MY LIFE! *clicks delete* LOADING... ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 99%. ERROR! It is impossible to delete our friendship. You mean so much to me. Post this to 10 people's walls who you never want to lose. If you get 3 back, you're an amazing friend <3
Nimster Jul 11, 2017 @ 7:13am 
geadd voor team
eddie Jun 20, 2017 @ 2:43pm 
signed by eddie x
proflar Oct 20, 2015 @ 12:00pm 
chicken! get the fuck out!
ash :D Sep 28, 2015 @ 7:18am