lol, lmao
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Emiya 4 hours ago 
Hey guys!
Kina Aug 9 @ 4:23pm 
uh ok my bals sweat y
Noob4Lyfe Aug 9 @ 1:06pm 
Hey, it's me, the god-tier Hunt: Showdown player who just annihilated you in-game. 😏 I mean, it was honestly so easy, it's like you weren't even trying, right? Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and remind you of my supreme skills in case you forgot who I am. 🔥

You know, it's really tough being this amazing at the game. I can't help but feel lonely sometimes, especially since no one can even compare to my skill level. 🙄 And, well, yeah, my social life could use some work. I guess I might be missing out on some...uh...attention from the ladies? 😞

But hey, that's the price I pay for being the best, right? Gotta focus on the game and all that. 👌 Anyway, maybe one day you'll get on my level, but until then, remember who took you down. Later! 😎
Kina Apr 15 @ 12:59pm 
idk what you just said but thanks man
Journii Apr 14 @ 5:51pm 
Es un jefazo de risk of rain
Blasterus Mar 1 @ 5:12pm 
thats a lot of risk of rain