"I learned more from pain than I could’ve ever learned from pleasure."
~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJu9HnvZjuw <3

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QueenOfNoobs Sep 24 @ 4:50pm 
I’ve learned a lot this year. I learned that things don’t always turn out the way we plan, or the way we think they should. I’ve learned that there are things that go wrong that don’t always have a reason, get fixed or get put back together the way they were before. I’ve learned that some broken things stay broken. I’ve learned that it’s okay to embrace the bad times so I can eventually look forward to better ones. If I’ve learned anything from life, it’s that sometimes the darkest times can bring us to the brightest places. I’ve learned that the most toxic people can teach us the most important lessons; that our most painful struggles can grant us the most necessary growth; and that the most heartbreaking losses of friendship and love can make room for the most wonderful people.
QueenOfNoobs Sep 24 @ 4:50pm 
I’ve learned that what seems like a curse in the moment can actually be a blessing, and that what seems like the end of the road is actually just the discovery that we are meant to travel down a different path. I’ve learned that no matter how difficult things seem, there is always hope. And I’ve learned that no matter how powerless we feel or how horrible things seem, we can’t give up. We have to keep going. Even when it’s scary, even when all of our strength seems gone, we have to keep picking ourselves back up and moving forward, because whatever were battling in the moment, it will pass, and we will make it through. We’ve made it this far and we’ve only become stronger because of it. So honestly, I’m ready for whatever comes next ~ 절망을 포용하다 ♡
QueenOfNoobs Sep 24 @ 4:04pm 
No matter how hard it is don’t show your feelings because darling these days, there is no humility, there is no compassion, there is no loyalty and there sure as hell is no humanity. Humans suck. Learn how to fake a smile and how to force a laugh because it’s so much easier than explaining what’s wrong with you.
QueenOfNoobs Sep 24 @ 4:02pm 
One of the cruelest things you can do to another person is to pretend you care about them more than you really do. Remember what you do will come back to you in the future, life has a funny way of making you deal with what you make others go through so maybe you should look at how you treated me before you bitch about how I reacted to it.