If you like me, you can add me :3
If you are someone IDK with private profile and private inventory i will delete you if you are someone i have see you before will count you are someone IK

You can invite me to play with you
I like to play alone
Sometime i will play with you
Good at every class
I don't like to play medic cuz i can't carries :3
Like to play engineer when my team can carry their self
Like to choose the most space class don't have many to play don't like 4 spies and i still play spy

Bad at spray but good at reaction time
Main AWP cuz it's op :3

Main : Berserker :3
Lazy play now

Main stealth :3

About me
I like the soft and cute
I like Animals are lovely
I'm not good at English
I guess i'm funny guy

Currently Online
Artwork Showcase
So nice :D
HulkSmashBro 1 hour ago 
:o pipe jesus
chachrist Mar 27 @ 8:27pm 
He use new accout
not happy ah Mar 27 @ 7:39pm 
86 hrs on sniper... and godlike aim
Quasar Mar 27 @ 12:37pm 
i'm don't use aimbot,i'm just lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy :C
not happy ah Mar 27 @ 5:31am 
When u try to hide ur silent aimbot too hard
Broken Force66 Mar 18 @ 11:55am 
good sniper :D