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-------PC Specs-------

Processor: i7 4770k 4.1 GHz Stock
Ram: Kingston 4x 4GB 1600MHz
Motherboard: Asus Gryphon Z87
Graphics Card: RTX 2070 OC 8GB
Powersupply: Seasonic 550W
Chassis: Boxx
Monitor: Dell s2716dg 1440p 144Hz G-Sync
Headphones: Superlux 668b , Steelseries Arctis 3 Wired 7.1 (inactive)
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Mouse: Logitech G903 , Logitech G303 (inactive), Razer Deathadder Chroma (inactive), Logitech G Pro (inactive), Steelseries Rival 310 (inactive)
Mousepad: Zowie G-SR[\b], Steelseries QCK Heavy(inactive).

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Info:

Current Rank: Unranked

Ranks Reached:
:s3safiri: Silver 4 ✓
:s3safiri: Silver Elite ✓
:s3safiri: Silver Elite Master ✓

:s3safiri: Gold Nova 1 ✓
:s3safiri: Gold Nova 2 ✓
:s3safiri: Gold Nova 3 ✓
:s3safiri: Gold Nova Master ✓

:s3safiri: Master Guardian 1 ✓
:s3safiri: Master Guardian 2 ✓
:s3safiri: Master Guardian Elite ✓
:s3safiri: Distinguished Master Guardian ✓

:s3safiri: Legendary Eagle ✓
:s3safiri: Legendary Eagle Master ✓

:s3safiri: Supreme Master First Class ✗

:s3safiri: The Global Elite ✗

Top 3 Favorite Maps:
1 De_Mirage
2 De_Cache
3 De_Train

Here's an analogy for you guys. You're driving and you run a red light and didn't crash. You didn't crash, but you're a fucking moron and should've died because you did something so retarded. Same goes for csgo, you make a stupid play, just because you survived doesn't mean it was correct.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Settings:

Resolution: 1024x768 @144hz Black Bars
Graphics settings etc.: Everything on low except for shadows and shaders which are at Max.

Sensitivity Settings: 800 DPI, 1000hz Polling rate; 0.8 In-game sensitivity.

Launch commands: -freq 75 -refresh 75 -processheap -novid -nojoy -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -high -tickrate 128 -nod3d9ex1 -noaafonts +mat_queue_mode 2 +exec autoexec +mat_vignette_enable 0 -console

Rainbow Six: Siege Info:

Current Rank: Unranked

Highest Rank: Gold 1 [3220 Elo]

Region: Western Europe

Seasons/Operations played: Operation Velvet Shell, Operation Health, Operation White Noise.

Mostly Active on discord;Discord Tag: whodis#5776

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12.3 Hours played
Do i recommend this game ?

TL;DR Hell yes! Buy it now! and don't forget to find all the gas filters and use the gas mask on/off trick to save some when needed!

I don't usually write reviews for the games nor do i play SP games that much but this one felt a bit special so. I was looking for some singleplayer games to buy in the summer sale i was bit skeptical at first cause some of my friends told me it was great whilte others were "it's not that great" after reading the reviews i decided to pull the trigger and get the redux bundle (it was cheap anyway so why not) and i do not regret it at all! Got time from my busy schedule played this game yesterday and got hooked instantly.


First of all the Graphics holy balls they looked amazing maxed out, i was playing with 2x SSAA which basically renders the game at 4k (if you are on 1080p like me) downsampled to your 1080 monitor but the game was dropping down to ~48fps so i turned SSAA off but still seriously even without SSAA it looks much better than most of the recent games released. I mean i was literally playing this beautiful game on 4k which imo tells me something about the optimization of the game props to devs for that.


The story felt okay for the most part i was expecting a lil bit background on the mutants/dark ones too but since it has a sequel i might actually forgive this one since they might explain it in last light since i haven't played last light i don't know. The atmosphere was pretty great for the story too. I also disliked how the character is basically a God of luck and other recently found friends were sacrificing for Artyom but it's a game so i might be forgiving this one but in the end it was worth it i guess cause he succeeds


The gameplay was pretty solid one thing i had to do was disable aim assist in the userconfig, there should be an option to disable it from the game. The game keeps you hooked up till the very end from the gun fights to the environment everything was so amazing, it was a bit scary especially when you were alone i was just fighting them damn creatures/demons just for the sake of reaching the point where i meet someone. My favorite part was probably the Library it was pretty intriguing and well done specially when the guy fills you in with information about the librarians and you expect only one or two of them but there are atleast a dozen of them there it seriously creeped me out. Except for the bits and glitches i think it was pretty good. There were some parts of the game where the objective was a bit unclear and some of the controls weren't mentioned. The stealth aspect in this game wasn't much focused on i guess like in last light but i guess i couldn't be helped cause in 2033 we have to clear creatures and dark ones mostly. I didn't really pay attention (yes i was this immersed) to the sound tracks but i'll consider the job done cause i didn't notice the parts where the soundtracks didn't feel right.

Overall: 9/10 Will definitely try to play this game in the future before exodus. A perfect pick imo to get back into playing Singleplayer games specially if you are into FPS games, good job devs! can't wait to download and play last light.

i7 4770k @ 4.1GHz
16GB Ram @ 1600MHz
GTX 1060 6GB OC +100 on both mem and core (2000MHz).
Game was played on a HDD.

EDIT: Added some bits into the gameplay after playing a bit of last light.

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