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Personal Achievements

Social Butterfly

Spoke with every character in the game at least once.
0 / 32

Beast Master

Encountered every enemy in the game, excluding bosses.
0 / 64

More Like "Adol the Yellow"!

Began the game on Very Easy.

Bad At Platformers

Enabled "No-Fall" mode.

Hollow Victory

Beat the game on Very Easy.

Mildly Manly

Beat the game on Easy.

Gods Beater

Beat the game on Normal.

Hardcore Hero

Beat the game on Hard.

Genos Who?

Beat the game on Nightmare.

Bearer of the Biggest Sword

Beat the game on Inferno.

More Like "Subordinate Crawl"!

Conquered Boss Rush on Normal.

Harder Than Hardcore

Conquered Boss Rush on Hard.

Adol the All-Crusher

Conquered Boss Rush on Nightmare.

Forever Alone

Escorted Elena to safety on every difficulty level.
0 / 6

That's the Last Time, Kid

Escorted Christof to safety on every difficulty level.
0 / 6


Defeated 5 or more enemies (except Mozgouz) at the same time.
0 / 5

Consult an FAQ Already

Died over 10 times on a single boss.
0 / 11


Acquired every jewel.
0 / 9

You Can Stop Now

Achieved max level.
0 / 60

Like a Boss

Defeated the final boss without taking any damage.

Never Smelled the Roses

Beat the game in under 5 hours.

Wanderer From Ys

Spent over 10 hours in a single playthrough.
0 / 10

A Talent For Forgery

Maxed out all equipment.
0 / 18

Proficient Plunderer

Completed Anya's treasure-hunt game.

Savior of Swine

Saved all of Hugo's pikkards.

Oblivious or Insensitive?

Sold Randolph's ring to Cynthia.

Master of Futility

"Killed" 50 immortal beasts without using the Silver Chimes.
0 / 50

The Exterminator

Killed 2,000 Mozgouz across all playthroughs.
0 / 2,000

28 Maids Later

Killed 500 Selnades across all playthroughs.
0 / 500

Hardt Laid Bare

Bested the master of the mountains in one-on-one combat.

Tastes Like Chicken

Defeated "The Deadliest Cuteness."

Legacy Pervert

"Measured" Elena.


Completed all other achievements.
0 / 32