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Personal Achievements

Fashion Statement

Collect 10 outfits for your wardrobe.

Functional Observatory

Make the observatory operational again.

Burning Soul

Acquire the Dual-Soul ability for Yomi.

Astral Blade

Acquire the Astral Blade skill for Ceri.

A Misty Night

Avoid an assassination attempt.

An old friend

Recruit Sylvi into your party.

One small step

Clear the first floor of the dungeon.

The first obstacle

Defeat the first floor guardian.

Heart of Darkness

Step into the Abyss.

Essence of the Void

Acquire the warp gem.

A recurring pest

Drive away the warrior from the shop.

A sultry foe

Win your second battle against the succubus.

High Quality Dairy

Give Anubis an offering of milk.

An Ancient Mariner

Recruit Captain Bonny into your party.

Fun in the water

Find all of the swimming wear outfits.

Leading the troops

Use Yomi in your party.

Sweet Charisma

Recruit the Queen Bee into your party.

A fickle dragon

Recruit the Ryuuou into your party.

Don't fear the reaper

Defeat the reaper twins.

Endless Dunes

Recruit the Sand Sentinel into your party.

Harvest Time

Recruit the Reaper Twins into your party.

Complete Wardrobe

Find every outfit in the game.


Reassemble the state of Fortuna.

Guardian of the Underworld

Recruit Anubis into your party.

Bound Protector

Recruit the Spirit Guardian into your party.

Hero of the Human Cities

Recruit Maeve into your party.

Taste for battle

Defeat 1,000 enemies.


Defeat 2,500 enemies.

Breaker of Armies

Defeat 5,000 enemies.

The End

Defeat the dungeon lord.

Dungeon Expert

Win the game on hard mode.

Dungeon Lord

Win the game on abyssal mode.

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