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Personal Achievements

Junior Explorer

Earn your first Explorer Medallion.

First Death

Sometimes, things don't always go as planned.

Big Spender

Purchase an item from the shop.

The Amazing Archaeologist

Find ALL the Fossils.


Hey, watch where you're rolling!

Classic Platforming

Do a triple jump.

Meet the Merchant

Discover the mysterious travelling merchant.

Cozy Canyon Mastery

Collect all the Explorer Medallions in Cozy Canyon.

Mount Magma Mastery

Collect all the Explorer Medallions in Mount Magma.

Fledgling Explorer

Collect 10 Explorer Medallions.

Sinking Sands Mastery

Collect all the Explorer Medallions in Sinking Sands.

Crystal Cavern Mastery

Collect all the Explorer Medallions in Crystal Cavern.

The Milky Way Globe

Find the legendary treasure.

An Alternate Dimension

Beat the game in New Game+ mode.

Master Explorer

Collect ALL the Explorer Medallions.

Costume Quest

Find all of the hidden costumes.

Hat Kid

Find a hidden hat.

Planet K-0

Visit the hidden planet.

To the Mysterious Gate!

Meet the requirements to open the Mysterious Gate.


Kick a Bucket Head.

Pin Bird Protector

Rescue all the baby Pin Birds.

Tour Guide

Discover ALL the Locations.

Master Mechanic

Find ALL the Golden Gears.

Creature Biologist

Take a picture of ALL the creatures.

Say Cheese!

Take a picture of the Master Explorer.