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Beat level 1 of the Skill Tester

High spirits

Beat level 2 of the Skill Tester

Tomahawk ground

Beat level 3 of the Skill Tester

Mass murder

Beat level 4 of the Skill Tester

Blaze of glory

Beat level 5 of the Skill Tester

Being civil

Beat level 6 of the Skill Tester

No refunds

Beat level 7 of the Skill Tester

The quick

Beat level 8 of the Skill Tester

Hell's coming with you

Beat level 9 of the Skill Tester

A grave matter

Watch the epilogue

Trot to your own drum

Unlock Chief

The weight is over

Win a match of Memory Mode

Child's play

Don't get shot in a tournament with 8 or more competitors

Behold, a pale horse

Win a 16 competitor tournament

Curly Bill

Win 10 duels
0 / 10

Butch Cassidy

Win 25 duels
11 / 25

Jesse James

Win 50 duels
26 / 50

Billy the Kid

Win 100 duels
51 / 100

Don't believe his lies

Remember a 10 button combo in Memory Mode

Bourne again

Remember a 15 button combo in Memory Mode

Qantas never crashed

Remember a 20 button combo in Memory Mode

Spit the dummy

Hide a character in the spittoon

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