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Budding Space Runner

Reach Level 2

Experienced Space Runner

Reach Level 5

Senior Space Runner

Reach Level 10

Veteran Space Runner

Reach Level 15

Master Space Runner

Reach Level 20

New Horizons

Finish Story Missions of Veyra System

Alien invasion and robot-rugby!

Finish Story Missions of Titan System

A spiritual journey

Finish Story Missions of Kwartz System

To the infinity…

Finish Story Missions of Gargantua System

I need you!

Create a multiplayer contract

Independent CEO

Have 50 materials successfully transported by other players (using multiplayer contracts)

I'll do it for you!

Transport a material for another player (using player contracts)

Fierce delivery man

Transport 500 materials for other players (using player contracts)

We're gonna be rich!

Create a multiplayer sale

Business man

Have 20 multiplayer sales bought by other players

A real bargain!

Buy a multiplayer sale

Hard-nosed consumer

Buy 20 multiplayer sales

Just for you!

Send a gift to a friend

Best buddy

Transport 50 materials for friends (using player contracts)

Elbow grease

Craft 5 elements at the Mechanic

Bigger is better!

Have 20 extra empty cells

Gotta craft'em all!

Craft 1 of each existing module

Master craftsman

Craft 200 elements at the Mechanic

This is my ship!

Get a new ship


Have 10 ships

I am the boss!

Destroy a Boss

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