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Personal Achievements

Nothing can stop me

Finish the game without dying


Let Sadwick die every time it's possible
0 / 4

Chapter I

You finished chapter one

Chapter II

You finished chapter two

Chapter III

You finished chapter three

Sherlock Holmes

Finish the game without using the snoopkey

Fine Listener

Finish the game without skipping a text

Keep away from children

Lick the mushrooms until you pass out

Open up wide

Pull the world worm's tooth

Master of Thermodynamics

Let spot fly


Let Renie and Noah both pop the bubble
0 / 2


Spot licked everything
0 / 8

I didn't do it!

Burn the swamp

Quite a buggy game

Find all bugs
0 / 3

Useless but beautiful

Find all possible Spot interactions
0 / 10

Demolition expert

Prime the bomb


Don't prime the bomb

To err is human...

Trigger the same game over sequence twice in a row


Let the mushroom fart ten times
0 / 10


Fix the bomb without letting go

Fire in the... nevermind

Drop the Noiseball

Mumbo Jumbo

Use the magic boxes to change into all available Spot forms

Haute cuisine

Taste the everything in the swamp
0 / 6

Do not feed the fish!

Let the fish get the berries 3 times
0 / 3

The hands of a healer

Hit Kyra

The Green, the Fat, the Ugly

Discover every possible Spot form
0 / 9

Let the boot talk

Kick everything possible
0 / 7

Shadow on the wall

Play with the shadows
0 / 2

Artistic master

Balance without falling down

Artistic fool

Fall in all balance checks or fall in the same check 3 times


Look into the abyss

Shut up clown!

Listen to Kyra
0 / 11

Summit attempt

Spot plunges everywhere
0 / 2

Like a moth in the Wind

Dive through the clouds

Checkmate in 8 moves

Get to the gate in 8 steps

Fastidious Clown

Place candles everywhere possible
0 / 7


Sneeze over the candle

Unfullfilled dreams

Grab 10 gold from the well
0 / 10

Death is a part of life

Completed the prayer mill story with the death wheel

Life is but a dream

Completed the prayer mill story with the dream wheel

Where there is life, there is hope

Completed the prayer mill story with the life wheel

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