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Personal Achievements

Rain Man

Re-enact an iconic rain dance.


Successfully make a Blazin' Kev beverage on your first attempt.

Emo Al

Read every epitaph in the cemetery.
0 / 12

The Big Haul

Snag every catchable item with the fishing rod.
0 / 4

Secret Gentlemens' Business

Visit Lou Heifer's love shack.

Noontime Moonshine

Pass out after imbibing a potent brew.

Threw it on the Ground

So many things to throw in the game. Find them all.
0 / 7


Carve some graffiti into a tree trunk.

Anoziran Idol

Find all of Al's singing lines in the game.
0 / 9


Try to enter all occupied rooms in the Hospitality House.
0 / 3

Serial Pest

Exhaust the list of excuses while trying to enter Lou Heifer's Office.
0 / 14

Slacker Hacker

Gain access to the miner's cabin without seeking any clues.


Acquire every inventory item in the game.
0 / 66


Read every book title in the game.
0 / 28

Buried Treasure

Locate the Indian Casino.

Spin Doctor

Win the jackpot prize (3 Chiefs x $10 Bet) on the slot machine.

Repeat Reality Overrun

Play the game on the Indian Chief's computer two tiers deep.

Round Trip

Finish the game.


Finish the game with a full score of 500 points.


Finish the game in under two hours.